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who is on 1ww now?

hello all,

am back after a few lovely days away with hubby celebrating our first anniversary (which is today!!!)

congratulations to all those who got BFPs over the weekend image

so who is on their 1ww now? AF is due to visit on Friday but i hope she has got the hint and won't visit for 9 months. i am, of course, symptom spotting as always. am trying desperately to hold on to my PMA but am worried it is slipping away!

hope everyone else is doing ok xxx

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  • af is due for me around 23rd so i have just over a week!!! but i think i am gonna test thursday !! good luck!! do you have amny syptoms then?xx :roll:
  • I am too! Im due to test next mon/tues- aghh! Its my first month thou so I really do not hold much hope-

    Do you have symptoms yet?

    I just posted about a weird taste in my mouth but that's about it really! I don't get any symptoms before AF either!

  • well at present i do not have any pg tests in the house which i'm quite proud of but that can always change when i'm on my lunch break tomorrow! but no, am going to hold off buying a test until i have some indication that AF is not going to turn up (so probably friday).

    i've got a few symptoms but not sure if that is my body playing tricks on me. i'm comparing them to the month i got BFP and they are fairly similar but that was the first month i started recording them and it might be that i get these symptoms every month!!

    i've had metallic taste in my mouth but i'm not sure if that is just me tasting water a bit more?? :roll:

    trying not to get my hopes up!! hubby does keep rubbing my belly bless him, he really wants it to happen this month and for it to be a sticky one. haven't seen him like this before!!

    babydust and pma to all xxx

  • aww mrs_e hope this is your month and its a sticky one!! x
  • i havent got any left either!! i know how you feel mrs e after mc last march we didnt start ttc again until nov, i am trying not to think about it too much cos its spins my head out!! (being pg and testing) lots of sticky babydust to all xxxxx :\)
  • hi. me too. exactly a week till af is due. think sunday. trying best not to symptom spot but it hard. got stitch like pain in my side on and off and got sore boobs (which was giveaway lasttime). dizzy spells but trying hard not to get my hopes up coz pill could be playing tricks with my body. hope everyone get the bfp they

    oh and happy anniversary im coming on 8years next month.xx
  • Hiya, looks like we've got quite a bit in common mrs_e! Think my af should be due on sun so guess I'm officially on 1ww too, but its my first month off the pill (been on it for 12 years!) so who knows how long my cycle could be?!? :\? Guess I'm just gonna have to wait it out and see what happens, will be keeping my fingers crossed for you & everyone else, hope af stays away for you all!

    Caroline xxx
  • Hi mrs e, happy anniversary for yesterday! Glad to hear you had a wonderful few days away with hubby. Im keeping my fingers crossed that af stays away from you for the next 9 mths, good luck xxxx
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