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OK don't shoot me a Q about EWCM

I know you girls think this is the only thing I talk about but ......

How long do you girls get EWCM for? I had some sunday night which was the first time I noticed it, this was CD13. I had it yesterday throughout the day CD14 but today I have not had any really. I had a small amount this morning and then a tiny tiny bit just now but thats it CD15?

My cervix is high was not this high yesterday so do you think today is when i have OV my cyc was 30 days but the cal on line said I am due to Ov on CD17 which is this thursday??

K xx


  • I hate to say this, but I doubt there is a definitive answer. I had none at all and still got my BFP. I wouldn't worry too much about it, as long as you are doing it every other dayish then you'll always have a 'supply' of swimmers to catch the egg.
  • you do make me laugh when i read your posts about the way you check.

    i usually only get it for a couple of days and on the day i got a positive on my opk i didn't have any. so today could be the day you ov.

    fingers crossed for you x
  • LOL glad to see I make people laugh image

    Yeah well I thought the same but then do you think I have doen it enough? Istarted my AF on the 1st July and did not bd till the 13th and then again on 14th and then was going to try again this evening??

    When you have OV doe syour cervix go back down again?

    K xx

  • i've not checked my cervix before. i was thinking of after seeing what you'd said about it.

    i'd bd again tonight just incase but i think you will have bd enough you've done it on all the ewcm days
  • Isn't it funny how we don't even know what EWCM is until we TTC then we get totally obsessed with it! I have no idea about the cervix thing K-Lou - I can't bear to go there after my last smear test when they couldn't find my cervix and left me lying spread-eagled for half an hour while the nurse waited for a consultant to find it for them (supposedly it had gone off to the right - wtf).

    My point is I wouldn't worry too much about the whole EWCM / cervix thing. The consultant told me the cervix can just pop off in one direction sometimes without warning (like my husband when we're out shopping :lolimage As for EWCM I have been noticing it just before AF some months, then only at OV time on other months. I would say just do the whole bd every other day (or every day if you want) and you'll get there eventually).

  • Mine didn't go down again until about a week after I think I OV'd. Haven't checked it since actually.
    I really hope this is your month K-Lou.
  • will you leave your poor cervix alone woman!!:lol:

    I have no idea about your question, but I just have to ask, are you at work checking the position of your cervix? image
  • Thank you girls, i am still feeling very chilled out about it which is good i am not stressing or worrying about it. I find it odd how i only had it for one day really and a small amount today. Had really strong twinges as well both sides so I think I am OVing.

    I will BD again tonight i think and then maybe leave it till thursday and then sat , see what happens, we have given it our best shot this month not much esle we can do really image

    K xx

  • Hi K Lou

    I know what you mean about the EWCM, it's so confusing trying to work it out. I don't even look at that now, I just try to BD as much as possible during the fertile period and also after AF finishes so that I might be able to catch the egg.

    I'm not sure if this would be of interest to you but I have a Clear Blue fertility monitor, it's pricey but expensive and it tells you the best time to conceive 5 days leading up to OV and day of OV itself. I am on CD 17 today and the mon is saying that I am about to OV because I have an egg symbol, where as last month I OV on CD15. If it wasn't for the monitor I wouldn't have known that I was OV late this month. If you don't mind shelling out a bit of money I would recommend buying one. I know I wouldn't be without mine now and it is so simple to use
  • Weegie I totally agree, I did not even know what EVCM was or even look for it, now I am always checking!
  • Yeah I am at work but lucky for the staff i don;t do it at my deskimage

    I think for me it;s important to see when I get what cm and also my CP. My old nurse told me to check when its ov time, which is what i do, I promise I do not check ever single day of my cyc just around OV as I am still trying to figure out when if at all I am oving.

    Oh I might see about getting one if nothing happens in a few months, how much are they if you do not mind me asking?

    k XX

  • I think you can get them for around ??80.00 now but they pay for themselves. The great thing is that each cycle the monitor learns about you as an individual and stores your results so by about the 4th cycle if you haven't conceived it will interpret all your information and learn about how your cycle works.

    If you go to the home page and look at one of the images it relates to the fertility monitor and there is a video you can watch which explains all about it. I was hooked after watching LOL

    Hopefully you won't need to use it after this month image

    Sprinkling babydust
  • Hi K-lou, I get EWCM for 2-3 days and my cervix stays high for around 6 days. Remember my midwife was impressed with me for checking mine so well done for being so in touch with your body.

    I'm sure you're so skilled at it now you prob could check it at your desk!

    Happy BD! x x
  • I haven't got a clue hunni but I always have to read your posts because they are sooo funny! lol!
  • hi

    maddie2008 what home page i would like to look how it works to as i might buy one my self
  • Well you know me image

    I don't have any ewcm today it's more like milky, my cervix is still high which is good so i think I am OV today really? It says on my ticker thing tomorrow but actually if i count tomorrow as 1dpo then that is 14 days till I am due on so would work out rightimage

    We bd'd again last night so that three nights in a row night yay us LOL

    K xx

  • Haha you make me chuckle checking your cervix at work hahah!

    Anywho, i have read that you actually ovulate the last day you have EWCM, i believe i read that on fertilityfriend.

    In respect to cervix checking i am lead to believe that everyone's cervix does diff things, in theory your cervix is supposed to be high, soft and open during ovulation and then come down and be closed hard and low afterwards. Some people claim that their cervix goes up when they become pregnant but this can happen anytime between 2-6weeks after conception.

    About the fertility monitor i am seriously considering getting one after reading info on it, it claims that about 90% people get their bfps withing 4 months of using it i believe.

    Sounds good to me!!!

  • Oh really???

    Well the last time I had EWCM was yesterday morning and even then it was only a small amount. I have a funny feeling it's today as monday and yesterday I had strong twinges in my sides.

    I could not find one of them on the home page will have to have a little look again as I have no idea who they work?

    K xx

  • Hi K-Lou

    Tyring to find it myself but they seem to have taken the video off, will have another looksy and let you know.
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