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Why won't my 2 yr go to sleep by himself?

My 2 and half yr old will not go to sleep by himself- in my bed or his own....any ideas on how to change this? I always have to lie down beside him until he goes to sleep in the afternoons and evenings..


  • Hi

    My little boy is a fair bit younger - only 16 months - but I have started doing a bed time routine with his teddy first. Teddy gets a story, a bottle, a kiss and then gets tucked up in the cot, then I do the same with Reece. We have only been doing it a few nights but its definately working. Every time he stands up, I lie him back down and say shhh teddy is asleep. The last few nights have been the first without any tears so I would def give it a go. Good luck xx
  • my daughter used to be like that so we used the put back in bed tecniqe (sorry if spelling is wrong) supernany uses it and it worked because she got bored of us not saying anthing to her so she gave up and just went to sleep and also i asways ask her if there is any thing she wants before she goes to bed then she has everything she wants so there is no reason for her to get up.
  • my daughter went through this phase, I hate to say but I think all you can do is what 'supernanny' does and put them back down and leave them. They do cry, but eventually this does work, I know its hard to leave them crying but if you dont it will only get worse!!
  • we do the same with lo except he has been sleep trained since he was a few months old.

    Now he is older (14 months) he is put down awake & we rarely hear a peep from him until morning but on the odd nights he cries when I leave the room I leave him for 5 minutes then do as the others have said, just go in & resettle him but not giving him any attention beyond a quick cuddle & kiss then straight back in bed. I might rub his back for a few seconds then quietly leave the roon & if he does cry again it is for a couple of seconds before he goes off to sleep.

    It takes a lot of patiences & persistance though, even if you feel like giving in, dont cause it will just confuse lo. Do the same routine eveyr night & leave the times for him to cry longer & longer, he will soon get the idea & be bored as you wont be giving attention.
  • I think you would have to be a little cruel to be kind... We did experience some problems with my eldest, I think we were a little too soft and giving in easily, but when my daughter was born I had no time to keep checking on her to make sure she is asleep, I usually left her in her cot to go and help her brother get ready for bed, and she was usually asleep by the time I eventually popped in to check on her.

    It may be hard to start off with, but children do learn as long as you are consistent and stick to your guns image
  • For the last week we have been doing the "put back to bed" routine from 8.3opm until 11pm every night and still no improvement. Really at my wits end here!
  • im sorry there is no improvement but just stick a it it took about amonth with my daughter in the end she knew i was not going to give up and don't forget to let him know no matter whathe does he will get the same response.
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