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23+3 ID Twin Scan

Had yet another detailed scan yesterday at 23+3 although she said they were measuring 24 weeks, no sign of twin to twin transfusion and she more than sure they are id and we knew the sex already was boys. They are a good size nearly 2lb each. Will be scanned again in two weeks to keep a watch on their size and will be scanned every two weeks up until the end of September. I getting so big though and they have not stopped kicking/moving today. Not easy being pregnant with twins especially when you already have a 11 1/2 month old. Although I have a good hubby who helps out heaps.


  • Brilliant news on your scan Soda... Only 8 days left until I find out what i'm having etc...

    I bet if your twins are weighing 4lb between them already, you must be massive!!!

    I know what you mean about it not being easy, Saul has decided that he will walk everywhere (he only started to walk last week and isn't very steady), so he's getting lots of bumps to the head... Not good...

    Take care and good job you dh helps you out...

    Sara x
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