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going crazy....

Sorry gate crashing from baby and toddler forum but I need this info...
I have a daughter who was born in Dec 06 and SIL has a daughter born in May 07, my MIL is always competing with my lo and her daughters lo.. she keeps saying that both girls will start school at the same time and that they can go to the same school..
OMG if that happens I;ll end up having a heart attack..
I am quiet unfamiliar with the English system so I just want to clarify whether anyone know when my lo born in Dec 2006 will go to school and when her lo born in may 2007 will go...


  • children start school normally at 4 years old and they go into reception class. from what i understand they dont have to go until the term after their 5th birthday but they go straight into year 1 and miss reception class.both your of your lo's will end up in the same school year anyway because the school year for your children will have children born from sept 2006 to end of aug 2007. i think this is right anyone feel free to tell me if im wrong as it would be good to know xx
  • hi,
    iwantanotherpls you r right the school year is from 1st september - 31st august. the only thing i can surgests is to see if you would be able to put your daughter into a different school from the one that your sil daughter is going to. x.
  • some schools have 2 intakes, one in september and one in january. If this applies to your area your lo would start school first and your sil lo would start in january. Failing that you could ask for them to be in differant classes. xxx
  • In wales its the term after the 3rd bday or the september after 3rd birthday,but even if your 2 kids went to same school they wouldnt be in the same class theyd be a year appart.
  • hi i had a similar problem with my daughter and my friends son i didnt want them to be in school together either as he tends to bully my daughter and he bit her face very badly at xmas. his birthday is dec 04 and my daughter is may 05 although he starts in january intake and my lo in sept intake they will be in the same year at reception and up. i asked the nursery to put them in different groups and they were great about it

  • yeah unfortunalty they will still be in same school year regradless of what term they start in so the best thing to do if you are worried is to talk to the school about them going into different classes (which depeneds on size of school, where i live there is only 1 class to each school year becasue its only a small villiage school) or sending your LO to a different school
  • thanks guys for all your replies couldnt post anything earlier cos oh eas ill and iwas busy looking after him..
    I am reallly gutted that they will be in the same sil's girl is my mil's favourite and competes for everything with my baby.. I know its cruel to be like that if my mil's attitude would have been different, my lo and sil's lo could be friends..
    I have to make sure they are not in the same school..
    Ok this might confuse people but i thought kids start school the term beginning after their 3rd b'day so my daughter who was born in dec 06 should start in jan2010 and the other kid who was born in may 07 will be starting in sept 2010 so my lo will be in the class above her isnt it...?
    its too confusing...
    thanks again for alol the replies
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