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first period after baby?, i hope im not pregnant again

hi everyone, i have a 7wk old baby (well 8 wks tomorrow) and i bled for 4 weeks after having him, then at 6 wks i had a wee bleed that lasted 3-4 days but was hardly anything, and was much lighter than a normal period, like pinky.i also had no cramp or any other symptoms i would normally get with a period, like horniness and hungriness!

he is my second, and after my first, my periods were just the same as normal after having her., so i wonder if it could have just been some left overs from after having the baby? could i bleed for 4 weeks and then get a wee bit more 2 weeks later?

me and hubbie have been using "withdrawal" method, as i havent got a family planning appt yet, but he is pretty sure i couldnt be pregnant again.

when did your periods return after a baby??;10715;107/st/20080602/n/Ethan/dt/5/k/c0fb/age.png;10723;95/st/20041006/n/Elise/dt/5/k/ba2a/age.png


  • my period took nearly 6 months to come back!!! lol.. was nice while it lasted!! i bled for a few weeks then stopped then bled again but really heavy docs thought it was left over after birth... sorry if tmi! but it wasnt..

    then had nothing till brooke was about 6 months went to docs but he said its perfectly normal and can take up to a year for periods to return!


  • Mine returned at 6 weeks n went straight on pill again then so been normal for me but going from what read on here they can take a long time to return to normal x
  • Please be careful hun, you can be really fertile after having a baby!

    Think everyone's periods after are different- mine were different with both my babies, this time it kept coming and going til I went back on the pill.

  • I bled for 4 weeks, and I had my first period 7 wks after baby. Since then they've been regular. Might I add that the withdrawal method is not a very effective form of contraception at all as sperm are released even before he withdraws...and as we all know - it only takes one! I would take a test for peace of mind xx
  • hi thanks everyone, i am gonna go and get a test tomorrow but im sure itll be fine, well, who knows actually, but im worried i go and do one and its at the stage where its too early to tell. ill just get a cheap one then do another if theres still nothing in a couple of weeks.

    we did think (for about a minute) that it was a bit of a dodgy method of contraception, but i actually (quite sadly) googled it and found alot of stuff that said it was fine.

    this is a bit embarrassing and sorry to seem so silly but if you are 'pleasuring' your oh/hubbie with your hand, then nothing comes out til the end, so is it different when you are having actual sex?? (am i really stupid or havent noticed lol?)
  • Well, this is way tmi (and I'm actually blushing!) but with my hubby he seems to leak a little bit throughout before the grand finale! And I'm pretty sure there's sperm in the stuff that comes out before the finish. So taking it out just before might not work if a few have already been released, it only takes one and they can live for days!

    Did you take a test? (Sorry, so nosy!)

  • My 1st period followed straight after my bleeding then I didnt have a peroid until he was 11 weeks, no pains or any of the normal signs I get.

    Also the Withdrawal method does not work, my 11 year old daughter is proof of that!
  • hi everyone, i got a test a couple days ago and it was negative. it was just a cheap one that you have to do after your period is due (not one that tells you a few days beforehand) so i will wait another week or so and do another test if still nothing.

    me and hubbie talked last night about what would happen if i was pregnant so soon and he said he would be happy about it but asked if i thought it would be too soon...i think anyone would think it would be too soon!! but anyway if i was then it would be fine, we would just have to cope, but i would feel sorry for Ethan (8wks) cause i would feel like i wouldnt be able to enjoy him as much cause id have this wee new baby again! and id feel bad for Elise (3) cause she would be thinking all these new babies mean she gets no attention.
    i guess this kind of thing happens to lots of people and they just get on with it, have a few years of really hard work then its good when they are a bit older being close in age.

    anyway it prob wont come to that, but is obviously worth thinking about.
    i will keep you all posted x

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