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hey honey! did u manage to get one of the cups?? what does lo think off it?



  • They didn't have any at our local Tesco's image

    I'm going to try and get over to the big one at the Ricoh Arena over the next few days, or I might have a search for one on-line. I've got my heart set on one, can you tell!!?? Lol

  • ahh no!! im sure u will get one at ricoh arena store dont think there is anything they dont sell!!!

    just added u on facebook!

  • I want one too... especially as i actually got Cole to drink out of my glass today! I did look in boots but I couldn't find one and I can't remember what they are called to look online.

  • It's an Amadaeus 360, it's in blue packaging and has '360' printed on the front of the packaging... I've memorised it, off by heart! Lol

    I've accepted your Friend Request on Facebook Upsy-Daisy!!
  • Thankyou image
    I will check in asda tomorrow and if not then online it is!
  • they are only available in tesco and boots honey! xx
  • hi i have two a small blue one with handles and a pink one which is huge got one from boots n the other from mcare. ive found that it takes along time for baby to get used too but great once they get going. my only complaint is that mai is teathing and has chewed at the seal round the cup does anyone know where to get a replacement top???
  • My sister managed to get me one from the main Boots in town today. Didn't pick it up til 5pm though so too late to try Lo with it. Can't wait to try her with it tomorrow!!

    Lollyhatch, there's an email address on the packaging. If you contact them they might be able to tell you where to get a replacement seal. it's [email protected] and the website is Their tel no is 02920575600.
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