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Car seats- advice please!

Can anyone recommend a good car seat which is suitable from birth to 4 years? It has to fit in a small 2 door car! Are they comfy for young babies?

I've been looking at the mothercare seville and it seems good and is quite cheap as well. I can't afford a mega expensive one. Has anyone bought this?

I don't like putting Evie in my silver cross ventura car seat as she seems really scrunched up and uncomfy in it- she's quite long for her age so thought something bigger might be more comfy.

Any advice/ experiences welcome!



  • We have a Brittax one not sure which model as there are lots but it was in sale at babies r us and halfords have a sale on these at the mo 2. If you go on the Brittax website you can put in your car make and model and they bring up a list of which fit your car xxx
  • Thanks hun, will try that now! xxx
  • We just bought a britax first class si seat from mothercare and its nice and comfy. We were looking for a 9 months + one but this one is actually a birth - 4 years - but we were limited by what will fit in our car, and this one was on offer image . Wasn't too impressed with the mothercare one as it didn't feel very comfy.

    The britax one also goes in and out really easily which is good - didn't fancy getting one like my neighbours had - it took 2 of them a good 10 minutes to get their little lads seat back in the car!

    If you go to somewhere like mothercare they will check which seats fit your car and you'll be able to see how much room it will take up
  • I went on britax website and it says I wouldn't be able to use si as a rear facing in our car image it looked really good as well!

  • Oh thats a shame..its nice too! The mothercare guy said its one of the few that fits in most cars!

    My friends have a maxi cosi - in fact they liked the one for hteir daughter so much that they bought one for their son too.. um... but I suspect theirs are forward facing only so thats probably not much use!! Feel free to ignore me image
  • Ooh ooh can i butt in a minute?

    Check out . They have a gorgeous one made by Concord which has been rated really well on the comparisons and the reviews i've read! Deffo worth a look. We're getting one for Harry as his legs are sooo long! X
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