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can i just ask a question

h guys

im just nipped over from the ttc forum and i just wanted your views on this please. we are really wantin a baby but with the state of the economy im just a little worried about how we will manage and its making us think about wheather now is the best time us to have a child with money getting tighter all the time.

any help or experience would be great cause i really really want a family and hubby is pointing out that we need to be careful.

thank you xx


  • hiya a first time mum altho lo is 23mnths now ..we was abit like you but then i realized that there is never a right time to start a family finacialy...yes they do cost but then so does eveything and its just so rewarding seeing your lo grow..there is alot of help too i am a sahm but i do get child benifits and child tax credits..i say go for it you will be so glad if you do! good luck xx:\)
  • only you two know what your financial situation is like but someone once gave me the advice that it always seems like a bad time to have a baby. there's always something else you could spend that money on or something that needs doing.
    we got given alot of second hand items which really helped, so depends what your view on hand me downs is. also there are NCT nearly new sales, you can pick up some bargains there, or ebay.

    me and oh are in no way rich but any sacrifices we ave made have been well worth it!!
    x x
  • Hi hun - babies dont have to be expensive! Child benefit & child tax credits easily covers essentials like nappies, milk, (if bottlefeeding), breastpads (if breastfeeding), wipes, toiletries and so on. We get ??18 a week in child benefit and will get ??50 a week in tax credits (once we send off form!). This more than covers everything. We didnt spend much when I was pregnant - our pushchair was ??120, it may not be fancy but it does the job. Our cot was ??99, mattress ??30 and moses basket ??40. My LO must be comfy as he sleeps through the night. We got so many clothes and bits from friends & family ...My lo is just going into 3-6 mths clothes, and we haven't had to buy a single thing (we did of course. But you dont really need to except the basics which are sooo cheap.) GL x x
  • Hey,

    I've found that Harry (5 1/2 months) hasn't actually been that expensive. It works out for us per week as about:

    Milk (i can't bf anymore) one tub of sma gold - $7 (my pound sign won't work! Sorry!)

    Nappies - one large packet a week - $8ish

    Washing - two extra loads a week ish

    Petrol - maybe one extra journey as necessity

    Food - just mash up veg left over

    Clothes - given LOADS ( have loads left over if you have a boy! hinthint lol) So much more than i ever anticipated so not needed to buy any clothes but wouldn't think you'd have to buy very many things at all. Even if you don't get given anything. So i reckon $3 a week MAX

    The start up costs (because a child is CLEARLY like a business lol. Sorry for the stupid words being chosen) aren't huge so long as you A don't mind cheaper things, B can have hand me downs etc. C can use ebay! Annnnd.... don't mind unbranded things.

    Oh and a relatively spacious seat available in your car lol!

    If im grasping the wrong end of the stick just shout.


  • Oh yeah... and the benifits are a real godsend. I'm managing to keep some back for savings! xXx
  • tbh, i dont think there is ever a right time for a baby! there is always something that could crop up, but i know what you mean about the cost of living at the moment. the only thing is, i cant see it coming down or wages rising accordingly!

    if you are sensible, and have a good look at your finances now, you can work out where you can cut back (hols, or type of hols / cars type of car etc).

    would you also consider second hand? ebay is a great place to find clothes / prams / furniture etc. you will also find that having a baby is a way to make money for the suppliers - i saw a long (body length) pillow ??50 - never yet come across anyone who had it!! if you look about, you will find many things that are sold that are just not needed!! the girls on here are brilliant for advice on what's good, what's not!

    look at the cost of childcare in your area - nurseries, childminders etc, can you afford part time etc.........

    you will find you can manage if you do go ahead - there are government grants (sure start etc), plus working families tax credit etc, family allowance. these will by no means pay for your baby, but do help! (if you qualify!!)

    it will be the best thing you ever do tho' - a baby beats any car, holiday, house etc!!

    good luck if you decide to - but enjoy the practicing anyway!! :lol:
  • hi tors123
    no time is the right time to have a baby but do you know what you always manage x its never as expensive as you think and any sacrfices you have to make are so worth it
    fea x
  • thanks everyone im not fussy about second hand things and my sil has saved loads of stuff from her kids and so has mil so im really lucky like that thank you so much for your replys its made me feel better things aren't bad we do manager to save a bit every month for rainy day funds so it given us somthing to think about

  • to be honest i dont think theres ever a right time as something is always gonna creep up, yes babies are expensive but lets face it thats not going to change and if you are happy to use budget items then im sure everything will be fine and once you have bought all the major things like pram, cot, moses basket etc then the benefits pretty much cover the cost of a child anyway xx
  • Ive also found that its more a shift in what you spend money on. For example, rather than a ??20 trip to the cinema, you spend that money on nappies and baby equipment.

    We're on our 4th baby now and I still only work part-time, though my mum is brilliant and has the youngest two and our eldest started school last year.

    Obviously things will get more expensive as they get bigger but hopefully once they are all at school i can extend my work hours etc.

    The most important thing is to make sure you can keep any mortgage payments going if you stop work.
  • Sombody once said to me, if you wait for the right time to have a baby, you will never have one. and i think thats true! ive not found it to be that expensive, you can get lovely clothes without spending a fortune. Tescos nappies and wipes are FANTASTIC! so i save money that way too and peple are always buying stuff for harri.
    I will say that, THINK about what you ACTUALLY NEED when buying for a baby i bought so many things that i didnt need! and dont overdo buying baby clothes before lo is born. they are my words of "wisdom" lol
  • I agree with everyone else that there is never a good time to have a babay and you will never have enough money (unless you win lottery). As long as you can provide that child with the basics (if you can bfed itsaves loads) like food, a safe environment and of course love then that's enough. Babies don't need clothes from Gap or blankets from mamas and papas. Of course it's lovely to splash out but we have all prob wated money buying theings that aren't necessary.
    I agree with someone who said as long as you can pay your mortgage. Ours is huge and I am having to work full time to pay it. I earn more than hubby so no choice. Nursery costs are going to be huge too. But your social life changes as well. We still go out but we also entertain at home a lot. You also find that when you go shopping you actually stop buying stuff for yourself nd buy for your baby.
    Save as much as you can when you are pregnant to tide you over when on mat leave. We also had a mortgage payment holiday too.
    What an essay, sorry!
  • I agree with everyone else, there is never really a good time.

    Babies don't have to cost as much as people think if you are carefull. We seem to have more money in the bank now, despite loosing my wages (we put it down to lack of social life now!).
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