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About to start weaning but need some help!

Hi all

My lo is 17 weeks and is def ready for food, she is howing all the signs. The problem is that i do not know what time to introduce it. She usually sleeps through the night from 9pm til 9.30-10am but for the last 4 nights she has been waking at around 6.
She usually has a bottle around 10, 2, 6 the 8.30-9.00, i want to try and bring her bed time forward but want to wait til she is on solids, but what time should i introduce the first feed? She also takes 9oz in every bottle and weighs 16lb 7oz.
Just need some advice as it is worrying me.



  • I'm afraid it's one of those questions that everyone will have a different answer to! I found that giving my Lo solids towards her bedtime helped her sleep better but some people think it's better to start them on solids for breakfast. Hipp have a really good website that has lots of advice on weaning, including a timetable of what to feed when. Might pay you to have a look on there XX
  • hi, I have just started to wean my son who is 16 weeks old, and weighs 16lb 4oz, he used to feed 630am, 1030, 230,630,1030, then started crying for more milk after each feed, being awake more inthe day, and then not taking his night time 1030ish feed. I now feed him, when he wakes at about 8am, I give him 5oz of milk then some baby breakfast, then 4oz of milk, then milk at 12ish 9 oz, then at 4 again 5oz, then baby rice or powder baby food mixed with water, and then 4oz of milk, then bath at 745 and then 8oz of milk. I started with weaning him at tea time first, this was due to him sleeping well in the afternoon, so he is always happy and relaxed for this feed. Hope this helps :\)
  • I first tried Lily with solids during her morning feed or lunch time feed. I wanted to do it in the evening to get her sleeping through but she is so grouchy in the evenings that she wouldnt take it. Earlier on in the day she was much more awake and took to it really easily.
    She started sleeping through after about 2 weeks of weaning. She had never slept through up until then.

    Serena X
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