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Hi is it ok to give your baby baby rice it just that some one has told me that there has bin some problems farming baby rice and not to give your baby baby rice . My little girl is not ready for weening yet but just wonted know for the future can eny one help and wont they used to start weening thank you cazmac10:\?


  • i havnt heard anything about baby rice i am still using it to thickend up purees..

    i weaned brooke at 3 months and her 1st food was apple puree... then started introducing other fruit and veg purees..
  • I've not heard of any problems with farming the rice..??

    I gave my lo baby rice by Hipp Organic at just over 5 months old (about a month ago) and all ok.

    May be Google it to see if any mention on internet about what your friend said or ask your hv.
  • Hi,
    bear with me here ......
    there was something a while back about high levels of some chemical found in baby rice which I think had come from the soil where the rice was being grown.

    Sorry, I cant be more specific - my heads not working properly today!!!

    I use boots organic baby rice which is sourced from Spain which I remember at the time I was choosing didnt ring any bells about whatever it was being found in the soil.

    Sorry if this is a bit confused sounding - baby waking up

    Hope it helps
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