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My poor little man has been having some diarrohea over the past few days/week and I dont know why? He doesnt seem bothered with it and isnt unwell in any other way. Anyone have any ideas why he might be having this?


  • Have you tried him on any new foods that may have caused it - new fruits?

    Or it may be a bug that's hard to shift? have you took him to docs as he's had it for some time?

    I don't really know what else to suggest.......sorry I'm not much help!
  • Its not everytime he does a poo that he has it just once or twice a day tops. I dont think its a bug, it doesnt have that nasty smell to it like when they have a bug (sorry tmi)

    I dont think ive given him anything new hmm. About 10 mins ago i gave him a bit of banana and how hes done a lil bit of runy poo but surely banana wouldnt trigger it? :\?
  • Hi ya, this happened to my lo about 3 weeks ago one minute she was fine and then for 5 whole days she just had the runs, she was never upset with it and didnt refuse food at anytime, but anything she did eat would make a quick re-appearence (sorry tmi). then all of a sudden it stopped. I thought she might have been getting another tooth, but even now no tooth has appeared. As long as he is getting water and doesnt seem too unhappy I wouldnt worry, it might be linked to the hot weather you never know, but at the end of the day if you are worried then speak to your hv.
  • Oh yeah - clmoore mentioned teething.......

    Charlotte's poos are quite soft, not runny, at the moment and her 1st teeth just cut through, and she has some nappy rash. I know your lo older than mine and already has teeth but maybe that could be a suspect!!?? Especially seeing as he doesn't have tummy ache.

    Bananas can normally cause constipation in babies.
    The only way to see if he has an intolerance to a certian food is to feed him it only and keep a watch on his bowel movements afterwards and keep a note of what happens but this can take ages going through all the foods he has!

    If you took him to the gp they could take a stool sample to see if there is a bug present.

  • I did think teeth as he has 3 about to come through, well one of them has just about cut but theres still two others about to come through. Will keep an eye on it. He loves juice so gets plenty of that day whickeeps him hydrated so not worrying x
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