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Baby with bad colic - please help!

Hi all!

I am having a baby in November but my 7 week old niece is having some real problems with colic and I was hoping some of you could offer some much needed advice. My sister in law has been using infacol which she says is rubbish and gripe water but nothing seems to be working (she's also tried cool boiled water) She's getting upset because she doesn't know what's best to do for the baby. She will sometimes bring up her wind after a feed but it doesn't seem to help!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much x


  • Hi Novemberbaby.

    There was a thread on here a few days asking for tips on colic. You could try having a look on that. There was loads of posts on it.

    Its called colic survival techniques and it is on page 4 I think.

    Serena X

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  • i would agree that infacol is rubbish!
    she could try Colief drops - this is meant to be much better, but is also dearer!

    she could review her teats and bottles - i found variflow teats were rubbish and made mine very colicky - he ended up with latex teats. the other two have just had normal flow avent teats. Dr Browns also do bottles for colic babies but i have no idea if they work - sorry!

    when she feeds her, tell her to only let her have a small amount before she winds her, and keep repeating it until she finishes

    to wind her, try-
    putting her over the shoulder and rubbing / patting her back
    sitting her on the knee with hand under chin and rubbing / patting her back
    sitting her on the knee with hands on chest and back and rotating her round in a circle
    the other one i really didnt like was putting her lying along the arm - bum near the elbow, chin in the hand- tilting her forward and patting her back quite hard. i felt like i was going to prematurely bring his teeth thru'! - but as above, i found it was the teats with him anyway!

    some HV also say that it is due to the baby milk type - he was on SMA gold, and she said it was well known for windy babies (not convinced about that to be honest!). i did change to Aptamil (as she recommended - i'm sure she was on the take cos she told loads of other mums about it too!!) cos i was desperate!
  • Thank you both so much for your replies. They are really helpful and I will check out the thread from the other day.

    I will pass all your recommendations on to my sister in law Ollier, thank you very much. Fingers crossed something works and baby Eliza gives her mummy some peace! x
  • Hi just to let you know that you can get colief on prescription in some areas. I tried infacol,colief and dr brown bottles in the end it did just pass. However i know thats no use when you are going through it. I felt helpless-used to get really upset seeing my boy like it. Good luck.
  • Hi, ive just changed Cameron onto cow and gate comfort milk. its a thicker feed with less lactose which is easier to digest. i only changed it yesterday and touch wood he has been a little angel last night and tonight!! also using infacol but it only seemed to work some nights, not others. still using it along with the new feed.
    x x x
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