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why o why o why???

Hi everyone,

For the past few nights, Matthew has been waking in the night. He's 6 month old. Last night it was 1am, then 2 am then 4am then 6.30am. He doesn't cry, just shouts until i go in. He doesnt want fed. i just bring him in my bed and he goes back to sleep then i put him back! Does anyone know why he is suddenly doing this? Can enyone offer me any advice for what i could do?

I dont think he's to hot, he just has a vest and a summer sleeping bag. the window is open a little to. And he's not too cold.

Can anyone offer me any advice? I'm so tired today!! xxx

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  • Teething? My dd finally had a couple of months of sleeping thro, then wouldn't go to sleep without me for about 2 weeks. She then had 3 teeth come thro in a week. That was at 10/11 mths

    x x
  • I'm assuming you are weaning him as he's 6 months so it can't be hunger?

    Teething could be the problem. My lo 6 and half months and her teeth just cut through although she did not wake much in the night just grumpy & clingy in the day. I might be wrong here so forgive me if I am but didn't you once post that your lo was clingy recently or was that your other lo..?!

    I know you said he wasn't hot but I've not been putting Charlotte in her sleeping bag as her room temp was over 25 at night!! It's a 1 tog so not the really thin summer 0.5 tog so we thought best to leave her out of it and just in vest and she seems to be sleeping fine in the warm weather. Trouble is it's made her easier to roll over in the night!

    That's all I can think of really. xx
  • He's fully weaned now. has been for a few weeks now. yeah he was clingy but not so much now. Could be teething i suppose although he has had no other signs of it.

    I've been putting him to bed in a vest and summer sleeping bag. its really thin.

    I'm baffled!!

    (love ur pic ccbmommy) xxxx
  • Can you see any teeth shaped blisters in his mouth - on bottom gums?

  • no. they just solid. have been for ages. no lumps tho. xx
  • I'm baffled too!!

    Babies eh.....?!! :lol:
  • Could still be teething pains tho as can occur well before teeth cut thru
  • it could be a developmental stage - when they learn something new - like how to sit up apparantly it effects their sleep. or a growth spurt making him extra hungry.

    however it sounds like he's just waking up because he wants a cuddle and then he goes back to sleep. this is becoming a habit for him to wake up and expect to be cuddled and taken into your bed. this is fine if its short-term but not so much if its going to carry on!
    maybe try making his naps in the day shorter so he is more tired in the night and less likely to wake up.

    my son usually wakes up at various times in the night and his habit is to need to have his dummy put in which is very annoying!!
  • Zara was like that a couple of weeks ago & there seemed to be no explaination either. We thought it was teething but we could see nothing on her gums either. She'd always been such a good sleeper too that it was totally out of character for her. Then at the weekend her 2 wee bottom teeth had popped through & shes now back to her usual self again.

    Hope Matthew is back to himself for you soon xx
  • well my lo is 8 months next week and somenights im up loads resettling - i can usually put dummy in and he goes off apart from early hours take a bit of bum patting!!!

    anyway i reckon that he's woken that first time and youve picked him up and brought him in bed and then unfortunatly thats it he knows your going to do it so when stirs and wakes a bit rather than winging and drifting back off he thinks mmmm i want mummy and a cuddle!!!

    this will be hard but you need to not pick up not speak and just go in and replug dummy and sooth, bu wither rubbing/patting bum or stroking face whatever can calm him... for a few nights it will prob be hard but it will work!!!

    it's not really as strict as controlled crying which you can do from 6 months where you leave them to cry for longer and longer before going in, i find this worse as fin juts wakes up more and more getting upset and cant settle!

    so when he first cries or shouts keep room dark, just go straight to him put dummy in calm him walk out and keep doing this all night!!

    we had nightmare with fin and got advise from lots of people on here and thats what worked, we do the same now if wakes!!!

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