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OK so...why do babies need tummy time?...Someone told me it was so they don't get flat heads?? Or is it to develop their neck muscles?

And how much do they need a day if any? Gabe is 12 weeks and has never had much tummy time (unless lying on me) but I've just started to give him some. He's not keen! He holds his head really well the rest of the time, looking around the room, and if I hold him up under his tummy then he holds his head up fine but when he's on his mat having tummy time he's not v. good at it is this normal?!

His head is looking slightly flat at the back and im worried! No one tells you these things do they!



  • Hi, I think it's to get them used to using their arm and leg muscles ready for crawling and walking. Also helps strengthen their neck muscles which is good for sitting!

    Henry hated tummy time so I never really forced it on him, he had really strong neck anyway so I wasn't too bothered , anyway now I can't stop him being on his tummy and he sleeps on his tummy! He's deperate to crawl now too so obv on his tummy for that too!

    Don't worry if your lo doesn't want to spend much time on his tummy he soon will once he's learnt a few tricks like rolling and sitting and crawling!!xx
  • My LO hated tummy time at first, she couldn't lift her head up and looked really uncomfy. Tried her again recently, 5 mth now, laid down next to her chatting away and she loved it! Has to be on her terms though and not for too long.
  • I thinkt he tummy time is meant to be a combination of helping prevent flat heads and to help them strenghthen their arm and neck muscles. Don't worry if Gabe doesn't like it - Cole never did either - I just used to persevere every few days and try him again. I bought him a bebe pod to sit up in and tried to let him sit up on me when he was playing. He's 7 months now and only in the last 3 weeks or so since he figured out that rolling gets him places has he started going on his tummy. I think his problem was that he couldn't see as much on his tummy!

    You could try propping him up on a cushion adn see if that helps
  • Hi hun, don't worry if Gabe doesn't like being on his tummy- it doesn't mean he'll never crawl or anything! I think it's recommended to give their heads a rest from being squashed all the time, like if they always sleep with head to one side it can become flattened.

    My playmat for Evie has some tummy time things at one end, there's a mirror and a spinny thing- so you could maybe try something similar and see if Gabe responds? But as long as he's not just laying on his back all day and night I'm sure he'll be fine.

  • Hi much the same as every one else says but my lo had a flat head amd my chirpractor wasnt happy i took her for some treatment and they told me to altrnate putting her on each side and back. she was at that age when she learnt to roll on to her side and now at 5 1/2 months it has relly improved. also daisy hated tummy time she used to cry in frustration and then one day she learn to roll on to her tummy and now she is allways on her tummy!!!!!! So you might find once he gets more mobile he will put himself on to his tummy. She even likes sleeping this way too
  • Thanks girls! You know what I tried him again today and he was OK. He seems to squeal loads though. So funny. He managed about 15 mins before crying. He def prefers being on his back. He's started grabbing toys now too which is cute image
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