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opinions please!!!!

I recently had a pregnancy scare. I have two kids. My son is 6 and my daughter is 4. I really thought tht I was done having kids but after the scare and preparing myself for a baby and then not being pregnant I find myself really wnating another. do you think it will go away or do you think I should talk to my hubby. Please keep in mind though that he really does not want anymore children. Thanks!


  • Having babies is a blessing and if your considering trying for anther then go for it - when your an old woman you'll never be able to turn back and if you do concieve you'l love this little baby (and so will your husband) just as much as the other 2 and as he/she grows up you wil become so proud of them. talk to hubby and don't let him make the decision for you, this is your choice and your the bearer!! you go through all the pain, xx
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