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speeding traffic- villages- housing estates

just a little rant really- something absolutley mst be done to stop all this speeding traffic thru residential areas- im worried so mch that when the day comes i let my daughter play out with her friends.... im thinkin some kind of petition from parents should be constructed and sent to all of our local police stations- there is so mch they cn do- more speed bumps- cameras- police!!! we have them here by the schools-which is fab-but they shd be everywhr around residential areas.... everyday i see some chav speeding past me! or a speeding lorry thru the estates? y come down these roads?? sat nav prob direct them wrong way- ...i gt so frustrated! im so worried! something really mst be done!!


  • i completely agree with you. we live in a small villiage and we have signs saying no lorrys. how about going to your council and speaking to someone ther?
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