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Diabetes in children?? symptoms

Hi i'm not sure where to post this? my son is 3 nearly four and is small for his age. Ive just been getting concerned lately, he's had recurrent balantits, started bed wetting everynight, is always thirsty/hungry, but is not overweight is quite thin really, he's tired alot especially mornings, he's like a teenager, and this morning ive noticed hi eye is bloodshot. Now i've done the silly thing and googled most of this and they all are symptoms of diabetes?? does anyone elses child have diabetes or do any of you know what to look for?? His dad and his oldest brother (from another partner) have something called hyperclyceamia, it doesnt affect my partner really. I'm unsure of what this is either lol, but they tested my eldest 5 for it when was born, he was ok, but they never tested my youngest?? He is otherwise fit and healthy and running around fine? any advice would be much appreciated? thanks sara 35 +1 weeks


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