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hi ladies,
i cant believe that my daughter will be starting big school in just over 2 weeks. she is so exsited and really looking forward to it. we are really lucky that she is going to one of the best schools in our area and that she went to there pre- school so she already knows some of the children and teachers etc. my daughter will be doing one week of morning and lunch then after that week she will be doing full days.
though i know that is is more then ready for big school and she is so exstited about it i cant help but feel sad that she is growing up so fast. it only feels like yesterday that i brought her home. dont get me wrong im so proud of her going to school but i know that im really going to miss my daughter when she is at school but i do have my 6 m/o son to look after so it will be good to take him to story/ music time and things like that.
is there any other moms who children are starting big school. and how do you feel about it? x.


  • Hi, my son starts school 3weeks tomorrow & i am SO nervous about it! I KNOW that he'll be fine, he's 4 and a half so not one of the younger ones & he's been going to nursery for 2whole days & 3half days for over a year now but still.. its SCHOOL, proper big school with uniform & packed lunch. I can't believe my little boy is so grown up! He starts doing full days from the start whereas most schools round here do half days til after xmas! Good luck to your children starting school! Another milestone over image
  • well faith starts school on tuesday. i cant believe how quickly it has come. might have to were big sun glasses so no one cane see me crying as i walk out the school gates.
  • Reilly starts spanish state school in 2 weeks!He was in spanish nursery before and can speak better spanish than my boyfriend and I can!But still a little nervous as he????ll be doing all his learning in spanish.
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