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Naps how long?

My wee man is 15 months and at the moment is going to bed between 7.30 and 8pm till 7-8am and having an afternoon nap for at least 3 hours this seems like loads to me.
I know all children need different amounts of sleep but does / did anyone else find their lo's slept this much during the day?
I'm not complaining its a great break for me at the moment as i'm so tired with being pregnant just wondering!



  • At that age Millie used to go to bed at 7.30 and sleep till 8-8.30 and have one nap of between 2-2 1/2 hours after lunch so it doesn't sound like too much to me. Millie is 2 now and has gradually dropped down to about 1 1/2 hours in the day.
  • Isaac is 16 months, he goes to bed between 6 and 6.30 and he sleeps to between 7 7.30 on the morning, his nap ranges from 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours in the day so I would say thats fine. x
  • hi..i think some children are good allways amazes me how primrose can sleep 14hrs straight thro the night and still have 1 1/2hr lunch time nap..she is 2 now and still does the same..people dont believe me when i tell them..but she is outside most of the day..ive been told to make the most of it by my hv but she still hasnt changed her routine!xx
  • god Lewis is a great sleeper (touch wood) lol - he gets up at 7ish then he is asleep at 10ish for about 3 hours has his lunch and plays for awhile and he usually sleeps from about 3ish till 5ish then he has his tea plays about and gets his bath at 6 and away to bed at 7!

    this is not a regimental routine, he just likes to sleep i dont make him he just falls asleep, we can be out and about and he will fall asleep in his car seat or buggy! he is such a strippy little shit if he doesn't get sleep!
  • Sonny has always had long naps, when he is at his cm's. He wakes up around 7-8 am after being put down at 7.30pm then goes down for an hour between 9am & 11am. Then they go to playgroup or the park & he has another 1.5-2hrs in the atfernoon too.

    His cm is off at the mo so he seems to be condensing his 2 naps into one 3 hr one at the moment but thats cause he isn't being carted off to playgroup or a school run or has other kids running around to disturb him I think.

    So I would say the amount of sleep is just fine. oh, Sonny is also 15 months.
  • I think they are all pretty similar really. Ethan has around 12 hours at night 7/8pm - 6:30/7:30am and he has around 3 hours in the afternoon although getting him down to 1 long sleep instead of 2 little ones took a bit of doing. A few double brandies helps :lol:
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