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Funny Poo Stories!

Ok, a bit odd possibly but I've had a couple of poo disasters with Nathan and thought it could be fun to swap some stories!!
It must be said Nathan has very runny poo's which nearly always leak out the nappy if not changed immediately, which as I'm sure you ladies are aware is normally ok as you smell them soon enough if you dont hear them or see lo turning purple!
We were visiting a friend and I got a small whiff while holding him upright, facing me while I was sitting down. I moved to change him to find that somehow he had pooed out of the nappy, out of his shorts and directly into my lap!! Luckily my friend has 3 children but even she had never seen anything like it she did help me clean up but only after leaving me like it for 5 minutes while she hunted down a camera for photo evidence!.
Then yesterday I was doing a change that I thought was just wet (in laws were in the room with me) I pulled lo trousers off. But we were playing so I pulled them off and swung them around my head before realising that they were full of poo which I had literally splattered all around the room, My oh was nearly sick (I couldnt stop laughing) and the in laws were trying to pretend nothing had happened!!

Please entertain us with more disgusting poo stories so I know its not just me!


  • Oh no definitely not you! Max went through a phase at about 4 months of doing these massive poos every morning. It would be literally spilling out of the nappy, up his back, everywhere. I had to throw away loads of bodysuits they were totally ruined!
    Another poo story I will never forget: it was about 3 weeks after Max was born and I had finally got down to my pre-pregnancy weight. So I tried on some of my old jeans and yey! they fit! Then I changed Max's wet nappy. I took off his nappy and was getting a new one sorted out when there was this almighty "fart"-type noise and splat! He'd managed a missile poo splat, it went all over my new fitting jeans, and it was wet. And warm. Ewwww! I had to peel them off in the bathroom :lol: Obviously OH had a good laugh! Well it was funny :lol: xxxx
  • Well, until a few weeks ago Gabe was on SMA and his poos were really "formed" like an adults poo. I thought it was normal for him as he wasnt straining and didnt seem in pain?!! Anyway, I changed his milk and his poo is mental like runny explosions lol!!! I didnt know babys poo was meant to be like that! So we are rapidly racking up the poo accidents. We went out the other day, I checked his nappy before we left and it was fine, anyway he slept while we were out, didnt seem to have done a poo at all. When we got back he was whinging a bit so I checked his bum again and OMG poo was everywhere, all sticky stuck to his bum! he must've done it in his sleep and been sitting in it - yuck - had to bath him it was that bad xx
  • Hehe!

    I do nappy changes on my lap and when Evie was only a couple of weeks old I opened her dirty nappy thinking she'd finished, lifted her legs and whoosh! She projectile pooed all over my leg, the settee and the floor! She did it in front of my Grandma too, just to make me look really incompetent!

    And once I changed her on my bed, just on the duvet...was well prepared with a clean nappy open under her bum so I could whip the dirty one off without accidents, loadsa wipes on hand out of the packet etc...except I took the dirty nappy off then she pooed all over the clean one, it leaked all over the side and all over my duvet cover!

    Oh and I love the fact that baby poo is yellow and they always leak all over white clothes!

  • My Lo suffers with constipation really badly so I get lots of warning if one is going to make an appearance... bright red/purple face and grunting. Well, that was until the other night...
    I was bathing Lo and doing stoooopid things to make her laugh and she laughed really hard. Suddenly a little brown torpedo shot across the bottom of the bath!!! Lol
    Luckily it was very firm (TMI) and I was able to retrieve and flush it without too much kerfuffle! image
  • Last week, OH went in to get LO up in the morning, and walked into a disaster zone!

    She was stood up in the cot, all excited to see him, and totally stark naked. She had stripped off her jammies (top and bottom) her babygro and her nappy, and proceeded to get the contents absolutely everywhere... Blobs of it in her hair, brown striped commando-style across her face, on the walls, the cot, the sheets, her sleeping bag - what she didn't decorate with she ate!!

    I was in work and got a call from OH who was literally retching down the phone - one of the few times I've been glad that I'm the one who works full time while he's the full time parent!! image
  • Can relate to that one She11y55! My eldest did a similar thing when he was younger. I'd taken his nappy off first thing and left him crawling round his room while I went to get a new one, thinking 'oh he can't do anything, he's not eaten or drunk yet this morning.' Came back to find he'd done a huge poo in the middle of his carpet then crawled through it a few times just for good measure-delightful!! Another time when we'd put him in pull ups in preparation for potty training I'd nipped upstairs to get something when he shouted to me that his hands didn't taste nice...............can you guess what's coming? How many of you are cringing?.........................yep, he'd pooed, the pull up had exploded big style and, like any curious 2 year old would, he'd stuck his hands in to have a feel and proceeded to rub it everywhere-hair, face (ick), ears, on my rug, the door handle where he'd pulled it, everywhere! I was in the morning sickness stage of pregnancy with Evie at the time so there we were in the lounge, him standing on a huge towel while I stripped him naked whilst I simultaneously puked into a bucket. Whilst all this was going on the window cleaner was merrily cleaning the lounge windows, laughing his socks off-git!!
  • Oh god, these are awesome! hahahahaha!
  • Hahaha, how funny are these, i'm laughing my head off!!

    When I was in hospital overnight waiting to be induced my husband was hit by a joyrider when he was driving home so we had a courtesy car for baby's first week. On about day 3 we went to Lotherton Hall, a stately home, posh gardens, not much in the way of baby changing facilities so I had to change lo on my knee while I was sat in the passenger seat. No sooner had I taken his nappy off when he did a massive fart and followed through!!! Bright yellow runny poo shot across my knee with such force it hit my husband's jeans and went all over the gearstick, the handbrake and the edge of the seat of this BRAND NEW courtesy car. To make matters worse we only had one of those really thin packs of baby wipes and we'd used loads on my other son who'd had an ice-cream disaster so we had to clean it up with breast pads!! We had to drive home with the windows down and my hubby was trying to change gear with one finger! :lol:

  • Thank you for the laughs ladies!

    I have been fairly lucky with poo and only a few small accidents, I did warn my mum when she let lo crawl around naked but you just can't tell some people and I suppose actions speak louder than words so when she was faced with a poo on her carpet suddenly she realised what I meant by not a good idea! lol

    My friend made me chuckle when she had her lo she was changing her in front of the hv and just as she took nappy off lo did a projectile poo that covered my friend, why do they always manage to make you feel incompetent around hv or mil, must admit it taught me to always sit at the side rather than in the firing line when changing my lo.
  • I remember when Ethan was born one of the first things he did was to pee all over the midwife! Then when my hubby put his nappy on, the midwife had to unfasten it and put it on properly or "he'd end up wearing his first poo!" Honestly, you'd never think it was his 2nd child :roll:
  • LOL - these are sooo funny.

    When I was still breast feeding Isla she was gettting too much foremilk resulting in the poopy cannon as we used to call it. She only ever did VERY runny, projectile poos. When she nearly three weeks old we went to my mum's for my birthday and my oh was changing her in their front room, my mum has cream carpets! Any way she managed to poopy cannon all up her dad across the front room carpet to the fireplace (about two meters away) and all up the fire place - my oh was just stood there dripping with poo and laughing his head off (my mum was NOT amused!!), xxx
  • mai did the worst pooincident ever when she was 6 months old, she was sitting in a high chair in the cafe bit of our indoor play centre when istart to smell something urggghh so i bend under table toget change bag when i see an enormous pile of baby poo on the floor shed gone soo much that the highchair seat was full n it had leaked out of the leg bits!!!!!!!!! i had to pick her up clean the high chair warn staff about floor then bath her in the ladies sink!!!!! oh the shame all these other mums looking at me n my hubby just laughing didnt try to help the gitt. poor mai had caught a tummy bug but she was so smiley we had no idea. luca gets v bad wind because he over feeds n the other day my sil changed him but didnt get nappy on in time it was green n like foam where he had so much wind lol xxxxxxxxxx
  • OK... so went out for the 1st time last night since having Jonathan (10 weeks old on Monday). My mum and dad babysat, I warned my mum he hadnt pooed yet today!

    Just before we left I said I will go and change his nappy for you so he is all nice and clean.... well, I took his shorts off and they were filled with poo, his little short sleeved body suit was full of poo, it was all over his back, up his side, over his legs!! I had to cut the body suit off him and just wanted to pop him in the bath as it was everywhere but as we were going out I cleaned him up and got him re-dressed. I then discovered I was also covered in poo so had to change before I went out.... it wasnt funny at the time but now I think about it, it was funny. Poor little thing was covered and so was I..... I don't think I need to worry about him being constipated at the moment!!!
  • this is so funny this is the first time i have laughed in days (sorry its at your expence ladies )
    we have just had the usual all over the back poos so i hope it doesnt get much worse
    thanks for fixing my smile it been a bit broken of late
    fea x
  • Unfortunaely (& maybe strangely) don't have any funny poo stories. Charlotte's been a bit "boring" with hers - lol!
    I suppose there's still time tho for her to make up for it tho.

    I did work with someone who's lo smeared poo all over her friend's living room wall tho whilst babysitting (think friend only left her for couple of minutes to make cup of tea or something). lo was about 18 months at the time. She had to clean it off then re-paint the wall!!

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