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Ethan was 9lb 3 at birth and as soon as he went onto solids his weight dropped but it's stayed steady around 50th centile.
He is 17 months now and his height is on 95th centile and his weight is only on 25th. I took him to get weighed because you can see all his ribs at the front back and sides, all the bones up his spine and his arms are thinnest about half way up his upper arm. His legs are practically the same thickness all the way up, even his bum has shrivelled. He's only put on 3oz in 4 months. I feel like one of those negligent mothers who are thick as pig sh*t and can't see what's under their noses, everyone kept telling me he was ok but I feel so guilty for not getting him sorted sooner and trusting my instincts. I feel like I've failed at the most basic thing a mum does, who can't feed their kids?? :cry:

HV said to put him on multivitamins (felt like she thought I'd let him get malnourished) and put cream in everything and give him plenty of dairy and chocolate but he loves fruit, am I supposed to stop giving him it?
Anyone got any suggestions of food to help fatten him up?
Has anyone else had the same problem?


  • hi loopylass.

    i have spent the whole of my lo's life trying to fatten her she is 20 months and weighs 22pounds. last time i got her weighed she had only gained an ounce.

    will he drink milk. my lo wouldnt when she was small (hence our probs_ but now likes it in a cup during the day so i give her it. also she likes toast so i give her some an hour after brekkie and she loves fruit so i try sto top her up with that during the day. although to be honest she runs about so much im sure she is prbably burning off whatever i feed her.

    is he a good eater or awful fusyy or is he like my lo and doesnt know what his bum is for . chloe cant sit still for second. hope this
  • He does like a good old run around but he will sit still and read books and stuff as well. He'll try almost any foods to feed himself with but then just ends up playing with it and launching it out of his high chair! He won't eat anything from a tin like spaghetti or beans and can't be bothered with a spoon ( i have to spoon feed him while he plays with toys in his highchair).

    I've bought some double cream and that's going in everything from now on :lol: and still giving him a 7oz dream feed when we go to bed.

    He had a weird tea tonight...Smiley Faces in cheese sauce, half a chicken nugget, some crisps, grapes and some cereal at bed time. It was quite funny when we came back from Asda, we were talking and putting shopping away in the kitchen and we'd forgotten about a bag in the living room. He'd gone into the carrier bag, opened 1 of those paper bags of fresh chocolate chip cookies and was sitting on the sofa happily muching away :lol:

    My other son can't sit still tho he is always on the go, he gets it from his dad!
  • hi. its so hard isnt it making sure they get everything they need. its not the first time ive hidden a carrot in a spoonful of yogurt and she hardly ever what gets me is how she keeps going on so little. think the double cream thing is a good idea. we went on hol recently and chloe refused to eat for most of the week. there were too many new things and she wouldnt sit to eat (im sure she thinks its something we do to stop her playing lol). so when we came back we started a routine where we clap and shout hurrah if she eats a mouthful. she will now eat at least half her dinner with us doing that. in fact its quite funny coz she says "ready clap" before she puts it in her mouth. ive said to my oh that it kinda proves that lazyness and boredom is the reason she doesnt eat most of the time.

    and the cookie sounds like something chloe might do. although she not very good at hiding these things. she usually tells you she doing
  • :\(Try to get eggs, pork, beef & full fat cheese in lo's diet as much as possible. My son, thankfully, is a good eater but as he uses a lot of energy doens't gain a lot of weight but if you saw what & how much he ate he should be a porker image

    During lunch I give him a couple of ham or chicken slices to have after a jar of stage 3 food & a yogurt, then around 2pm I make sure he has a selection of snacks to eat, cucumber, baby tomatoes, rice cakes & breadsticks as it is a loing gap between lunch & dinner. It seems like he is always eating during the day but he will drop whatever he doesn't want so I find it better to just keep offering otherwise he WILL go for 5 hrs or more between meals as he is so busy.

    Evening meals I just try to get lots of fish & meat in him via fingers food as he is really off the spoon at the moment but I like to try to get at least a couple of mash potatoe meals in him a week as they are another good way of bulking him up, I alwaty mix it with beef gravy regardless of what else he has with it, fish fingers, mince & onions, chicken strips etc & always make the mash with cream & real butter or buy it like it ready made image

    At last weigh in he was 11kgs (75th centile down from 85th)& is now 15months but he is really tall for his age & never stops (except to sleep) & has a dairy allergy so I have always struggled to get the fat he missed from dairy in him but it's better now he is older as we have indroduced limited dairy in things like mash, so I know how you feel about being sure lo is fed enough.
    Hope this gives you some reassurance & ideas. Good luck with it.

    Also, forgot to say, be careful when lo is with other people, Sonny often goes out with fmaily members or they have him for the day & when I ask what he has eaten find he has been allowed to snack all day & they dont give him his jar or finger food thinking he will be ok. :\? He is always starving come dinnertime & gets whingey as they just don't get that he is a tall boy with a lot of energy who needs to eat a lot, they think cause he is slim he wont need so much. So keep an eye on that too if he is looked atfer by others.:\(

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