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I am a teacher and back to work full time at the start of term. I teach secondary in a high achieving school ad have always worked my a** off for A level, GCSE etc. So much so that I think I worked too hard, if that doesn't sound too pompous! Anyhow, I am worried about how I can juggle everything what with new A levels coming in etc and the amount of work. Now I know all women go through this but I am starting to wonder how to do the work that we all know we do after 3pm.
Do you stay in school until 5ish then you have your evenings free (I used to) or pick little one up from nursery at 3ish and then work on the night and then not have anytime with oh or even yourself!!!
Not really looking for answers just experiences.
btw - full time was not my decision, it was an ultimatum gven by school


  • What a bunch of buggers, couldnt they offer even fractional if they couldnt do part time. I know what you mean about the work load. Before I got pregnant I was a college lecturer and EV for Edexcel and was in work from 7 till 7 and still needed to do stuff at the weekend. Ive got to go back in Jan and like you havnt a clue how Im going to manage the work load. I think if you could it might be better to stay and get the work done till 5 at least that way you can put it out of your mind for the rest of the night (if thats humanly possible) and spend time with your littlin and Oh. Otherwise you may just spend the time with them thinking about what you still need to do later and not realy enjoy the time.
  • sorry that they couldn't be more flexible, I guess it's that or pay back your extra maternity pay? I'm lucky as my head has said I can return to do the number of days I want as long as she knows in advance, we have teachers employed for covering ppa time so I think thats what i'll be doing.

    i agree though, stay later mon to wed and leave earlier thur and fri, and i'd do lots of peer marking to lessen your marking workload! It's great for the children and you then!
  • Thanks for advice. Yes, hate working at night so think will try and work until 5 at school early week (except spanner in works is that mil has him on Mondays and expects me back about 3.10pm as she like most other people think I only work 9-3....hmm think I need a word with hubby).
    Probably could have fought full time thing throuh union etc but too tired and we have new head etc so to cut long story short have given up all tlr stuff so can just, in theory, teach.
    Only a few days until term starts!!! Can't believe only left at Xmas.
  • I am going back 4 days a week in November. I am in a primary school, but am on the senior management team and at the moment we have not deputy head! So when I go back there still won't be one and the workload will be spread amongst the others on the management team. We used to have manangement meetings once a week until 6.30pm but there is no way I am staying that long now. We have to stay in school until 4pm each day (we finish at 3pm) but on Friday we can leave as soon after 3pm as possible. I plan to have either Wednesday or Thursday off so that I can leave at 3pm on Friday. I plan to leave by 4.30pm each day excpet Monday when we have staff meeting. I am going to try and get my work done in school from 3pm - 4.30pm. But then I say that now, I may not manage it. I will probably end up working at home in the evening much to hubby's annoyance!

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