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1st time going out and leaving lo

I am going out for the 1st time since haveing my lo (10 weeks old on Monday). I am off to the REM concert in nearby Twickenham..... I cant wait but at the same time am gonna miss him. My mum is looking after him so I know he is in safe hands and I have nothing to worry about but I guess its human nature to miss him/worry.


  • hi lucky you, a wee night out! everyone feels the same but the more you leave him the more used to it youll get (youll still check your phone every 5 mins tho lol!).

    i have to say i am def like this and hes my second! doesnt matter, you still worry just as much. have a great time x
  • The first time we went out we went to the cinema and my oh had to drag me out of the house. I left lo with my Mum and Dad and kept nipping back into the house saying 'And another thing.....' My oh reminded me that my parents had obviously done this baby thing quite succesfully once before and he locked me in the car! I cried all the way to the cinema, left my phone on silent on my knee all the way through the movie and then promptly fell asleep cos it was the first break I'd had in 10 months!!!! :lol: We did, however, keep up the routine of either parents coming and baby sitting or James going to them overnight about once a month and it does get easier, in fact we positively look forward to our night off now. Have a great time and don't feel too bad when you feel guilty/tearful/tired.... we've all been there.
  • Well I made it through the evening without Jonathan and he was very well behaved for his gran and grandad..... although I did warn my mum before we went out that he hadn't pooed yet but I changed him before we went and OMG..... I will post the rest in the poo stories!!!
  • Glad you had a good time. I feel like a bad mummy now as I left lo at 4 weeks. Just had a meal out. He slept right through it & didnt even know I was gone! Since then I have left him a few times. Not for long though and not overnight yet.
  • Don't be silly, you are not a bad mummy!! I have had the opportunity to go out before but refused, I couldnt really not go this time as we had tickets to the concert! x
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