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I want to take my little one to a local water baby group and just wondering if any other mums do this? If so is there a good age to start? Evan is 3 months now and also do you take them in the shower afterwards or wait and bath them at home??


  • We took Gabe at 13 weeks (just on our own, not to a group). He really enjoyed it. I think 3 months is a good age as they are controlling their heads more. We bathed him afterwards when we got home.
  • I went by myself swimming with Brooke and changing at my local pool was a bit of a nightmare but the new leisure centre near us was good so I guess it depends on the place!

    I've also been to Aquababes which was really good - there was a qualified teacher and lots of other people with their babies and she gave us ideas and support to encourage play in water and preparation for swimming. She also provided toys and would take the babies if we wanted to demonstrate things to do too. Brooke and I loved it!

    I bought a baby wetsuit and swim nappies as it kept her warm for a decent amount of time.

    I don't know how your lo is, but the first few times I went I found that Brooke was absolutely knackered afterwards so I had to time it with feeds and things so that she didn't start screaming as soon as we got out. I also waited until she loved her bath!

    I say, go for it! I know I've waffled on but I love swimming and I think you do need to start early as I've taught 10 year olds who've never been in water and they're terrified and it's horrible for them! :cry:
  • Hi Louise & Evan (I like that name, one of my lo middle name is Evan!)
    I take my youngest to Waterbabies. It is great. 3 months is a good age we started when my lo was about 6-8 weeks. Some were a bit older. The first term is quite easy going.
    Further on in the course mum/dad have to do more eg swimming under water! My lo is 16 mths and on the toddler course, now he can hold on to the side,move along the side and swim to the side of the pool. It really does help when i took my lo swimming at the local pool i tripped whilst in the pool and my little one went under and managed to swim to the surface and hold on.(I think I panicked more than he did)
    (They can go through a wobbly stage tho, which mine has at the mo!) He cries a bit in the pool but at other times he will be giggling at the songs. I definately recommend Waterbabies/baby swimming classes, and will hopefully (if i can afford it) take number 3 once he/she is born.

    Oh and to answer the other question. I take my lo home and bath him as the only draw back is that some of the facilites that the water babies in my area choose are not that great. Your area may have picked better ones tho.
  • Thanks all, just another question what did you put them in?? Do they do swim nappies for young babies?

  • yes they do huggies do a small size 7 lbs to 13lbs .we took faith at 3 months as we were on holiday
  • hi i also take daisy to a water babies swimming lesson. \its the best investment we have done so far. Andshe loves it. Me and my ohalso take her on ha sunday during the hollidays as her lessons are term time only. we started her at 14 weeks but i would recommend about 6 weeks onwards. my swimming group are very particular about what nappies you use. i use a huggies swimming nappy, then a happy nappy over the top which is like a kind of lycra pair of shorts, and i also use a wetsuit. they recommend if you use a wetsuit you can keep your baby in water fro 30 mins. i got mine from the swimsuit factory half price for ??10 but most swimming lessons will let you use theirs.
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