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Hiya Girls and Beautiful baba's!

Right.. I'm having trouble 'Talking' to my baby.. I'm with him all day mostly on my own & I love him lots I do talk to him a bit but I just run out of things to say.. I do talk in a gentle intresting voice for him but never bother with any of that 'goo goo ga ga' stuff... I give him plenty of kisses and cuddles and sing twinkle twinkle, 5 little ducks and hush little baby.. ect.. I always say key phases like 'hiya honey' & 'Oh that's a big story' when he is making babbling noises..

I am starting to buy some books to read to him.. I know it's important they hear speach..

I just wondered what people actually spoke to there little ones about? and what you say?

My baby Charlie is 6 weeks nearly 7 on sunday (where is the time going to?)

It's just he is becoming more alert and I don't really want to sit in silence with him! xxxx


  • hi

    i just tell Grace what im doing such as "daddys coming home shall we tidy up" "r you watchin mummy ironing" i know its daft but its just somethin to say and she dosent understand anyway, she is 13 weeks.

    keep doing what you are doin,

  • hi my youngest is 13 weeks and i just talk to him about what im doing "right im going to hoover now then we'll change your nappy" and stuff like that, thats if hes just sitting in chair or whatever, but i do sit him on my knee facing me and have a "conversation" with him,ask him for stories and stuff and he responds, babbling away.

    ive heard your meant to say something and wait for them to "say" something back so they learn the art of conversation, and im sure he knows that when i stop thats when hes meant to speak!.

    hes full of smiles and so much fun just now, i never get anything done cause im so mesmerised (sp?)with him x

  • I just babble away about complete rubbish! (makes a change then...not!)

    I have a real "baby" voice, I screech away at Gabe and he loves it! I call him all sorts of names and its so funny.

    I wouldn't worry about talking to him all the time - they do need to hear speech but they also need "quiet time", my grandma said she used to leave my mum in the pram in the garden just so she could have a look at the sky and get some fresh air. This is what everyone did with their lo's. Not recommended these days but i think its important babies have some time to lie down flat and just take everything in.

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  • Same as everyone else really I just give a running commentary of what I am doing - now a days actually it is hard to manage to get a word in edgeways as max just babbles and goos all day! (he is 9 months) I do sometimes echo back the noises he makes as this is important too! Don't be afraid just to have your fav CD on as well you don't have to talk to him all the time and you will end up singing along too and as Tigerlilly says some quiet time is good too!

    Has you hv given you any group info yet by the way?
  • Hi ya,

    when Joshua was little I would just give him a running comentary of everything I was doing and if he babbled at me I would pretend I knew what he was saying and say 'oh really and what did she say' stuff like that! I also included him when I was getting dressed by asking if he liked what mummy was wearing and would play peek-a-boo through the neck of my top. I always sang nursery rhymes, he's 15 months now and still loves it when I sing to him.

    reading books is good but i would read my fashion mags to him cos he didnt know, even now he knows whats going to be in fashion for autumn winter 08 lol! xxx
  • Hiya, i'm the same as others really with just saying what i'm doing or thinking about. Also I mainly phrase things as high pitched questions if he's making lots of noises and pause to let him answer. I also always tell him what a beautiful boy he is etc and how he has goergeous eyes and (cringe) cheeky cheeks! Lol. He's probably so sick of my voice, his first word will be "shhh!".

    Just read him his bedtime story and he was smiling and doing that not quite laughing but trying to thing that babies do all the way through it bless him. He's 7 weeks today.

  • yeah just general chit chat!! lol... i used to put brooke in her pram in the garden with some net over her to stop flies and such like getting in and she would lay there and fall asleep.. was lovely to have her out of the way so to speak! lol.. and have some time to do things.. she would sleep really well out there as fresh air helps them sleep better!

    there is no harm in leaving them outside just make sure they are warm enough etc.. but i really reccomend it and it helps build there immune system up

  • Same here, he gets a running commentary on what Im doing or whatever I feel like ranting about (in a nice baby friendly tone naturally). Ive actually being reading him a book of mine, it kills two birds with one stone, even though the book is a serial killer thriller type thing (again in a very baby friendly tone, he doesnt know what its about). Its kind of funny reading it out loud in a realy cheery tone.
  • Ooo might read him my new torey hayden book when he is over tired and settle him! & I get to read MY book! :lol:
  • Go for it, he wont know the difference. Mine has had various different means of mutilating a body read to him in very nice high fun tones and seems to enjoy the chatter (I may get a very high therapy bill in years to come though!!!)
  • Craftycharli

    no She is Pants! But bumped in to a friend with 3 kids and she said when they start (after school hols) i'll be going with her! lol - Ooo excited now! good to meet other mummy's!
  • Sorry she is so pants - how annoying but v glad you know someone who has told you anyway!

    Oh and which torey hayden book are you reading??? I LOVE her stuff I work with SEN kids so it all rings so true with me and I just love it - I JUST finished The Tiger's child!
  • Just wanted to share a bit of an embarasing moment linked with this chat. I was in Sainsburys with my lo when he was a matter of weeks old asking him whether he might like to try carrot or butternut squash. I would hold each one up an ask him whilst describing how they tasted etc... After deciding on carrot I put it in the trolley and looked up to see this little old lady looking at me and shaking her head as if to say 'poor love.... maybe it's her hormones...' I just gave her a smile and carried on chattering to James. I've never let what people think bother me but that look did make me wonder just how mad I must have looked. :lol:
  • Like everyone else I just doing the whole running commentry, and have converstaions with myself!! Always tell him what the plans for the day are, and where we're going. In the car I always say things to him like can you see the horses on the right, or look at the plane in the sky - he's in the back and asleep for all I know but can't help myself!! I also always ask him what top I should wear or what trousers he would prefer today - as if he'll turn around and say well actually mum Gok has said the ones on the left are totally in for this season!!

  • I just chat general chit chat to Kara and give her a running commentary of what we are doing and what we are going to do. Now that she almost 1 she babbles away to us as well and it is so funny. She loves talking. Takes it after her mummy lol.
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