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Sorry for the rant but Ive bloody had it, Im totally fed up. Just when one think sorts itself out something else goes to hell. My ten week old has been sleeping through the night for the last couple of weeks which is great. However he is now turning into a nightmare during the day. He used to go down for his naps fine with no bother. Now hes nodding off at 11 when he used to last till 12 and wont sleep longer than an hour even though hes having the same nap time in the morning of about half an hour.

He has also started refusing to feed at his half six evening feed and gets realy stressed and cranky. He feeds fine during the day so I havnt a clue what Im doing wrong. The final straw has been the last two mornings when he is now fighting his nap at 9. Hes blatently tired but just wont settle unless I give his a dummy. I feel such a bloody failure because I now need to use his dummy to settle him to sleep most times. I dont get it he was able to settle himself fine up untill about a week ago. I thought at first he might be a bit off because of his jabs but that was over a week ago now and hes just getting more and more difficult during the day. Because his naps are getting screwed up hes turning into a cranky little bugger which is sapping any enjoyment out of being with him. I feel Im holding my breath all day waiting for him to blow up or not go down to sleep and wishing the day away unitll he goes down for the night. I also spend the day dreading his evening feed as its turned into such a bloody disaster again resulting in me having to give him his dummy to get him to sleep. What the hell has happened???


  • i dont know babe but didnt want to read and run. Daisy is 6 months old and im still trying to work her out. I used to get bit stressed that daisy wasnt doing what she should be but now i just take each day as it comes and enjuoy it. she has never slept very well day or night but ithe way i look at it is she is a baby for such a short time that i am just going to enjoy her. i battle with her every day to sleep but every day is different, and i just accept it. I love the way lots of mums on here have the babies in really good sleep and eating habits its fab but i do think their are exceptions sometimes my baby is never going to be the modell baby. your lo is only 10 weeks he will settle down. You may find though that at 3 months whichhe is coming up to his sleeping habits will change he will be consuming more food so may be able to stay awake for longer so his nap times will change. Daisy now has to have a half hour nap every 3 hours but when she was younger would have an hour, so its prob just a growth thingbabe, i used to write a diary for food and sleep and see if a pattern developed that way you can change his sleep times to suit. i think at 3 months i changed her milk to every four hours instead of 3 too. Your not doing anything wrong your baby is just growing older fast!!!!
  • OK first off - stop stressing! As Westbrom says, your lo is getting older and will probably be able to last longer between feeds and be more awake in the day.

    Try ditching the routine for a day and going with what he wants - feeding on demand, and only putting him down for naps when he starts showing signs of being tired (yawning, dark circles, rubbing eyes, wriggling, whinging etc). Do this for a few days and you will find that before long a new routine will emerge!

    And thirdly, there's nothing wrong with using a dummy to get your lo to sleep. A dummy is no different to a cuddle blanket or cuddly's a comforter...thats a good thing right? Also they help prevent cot death.
  • Hi

    Your def not doing anything wrong at all, its just LO changing...again! I've learned with my LO that there is little point in trying to keep to a strict routine as he seems to be changing/growing so much! When i tried a "proper" routine, i went out of my mind coz we couldn't follow it - when Dylan was supposed to be asleep he was awake & vice versa & his feeds weren't as they shoud be - lol!!

    However, there is a pattern which he tends to stick to and we do like him to be in bed between 7.30-8.30pm. But this pattern changes on a weekly basis (apart from bedtime)! By the way, Dylan is 9wks on Mon (& isn't sleeping through yet)!!

  • First of all stop blaming yourself this will only lead you down at a time when you should be enjoying every day. My lo is 15mths now and the one thing I can rely on is that no 2 days will be the same. I know how frustrated you must be because their routine very much dictates your routine. I used to pray that my lo would go to sleep cos it gave me time to do my jobs but there were days when this just wasn't in his plan. The best thing I ever did was realising that this actually meant that I could have a 'day off' and just play with this amazing little man who had so much fun in him. There are now some days that I don't even look at the dish washer and we spend the day in our pjs just doing whatever takes our fancy. I can only reinforce what everyone else has said, give your lo the space to find their own new routine. Trying to enforce an old routine will not make either of you happy. There will be one there somewhere. Good luck.
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