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Leaving Little ones

Ok here i go and sorry if this turns out to be long and a bore, I have two babies aged 2 1/2 and another aged 10 months. The first time i lft my eldest aby she was 11 months and i hated it and the second time she was 20 months and i was almost ready to give birth to number 2 - ok - both times it has been with mum who is amazing with babies having had five herself - anyway our second baby is almost 11 months old and we've never left him i'm still breastfeeding and he's just started sleeping through 7.30 to 7am and we've been very lucky as taking our little one along to good restaurants and the great social events has never been a problem my hubby is well known- anyway i'm just wondering if anyone has any advice to ease anxiety when leaving there little ones - any tips would be greatly apprieciated xx


  • My only advice is that it does get easier. I think it's great that you involve your los in 'adult' events but you need some time away. I was lucky in a way cos I bottle fed so leaving my lo was (practicaly) easier. I cried all the way to the cinema the first time we left him. He's now 15mnths. Now my parents have him over to stay about once a month and we have date night. We really look forward to it. We still, generally, just go to the cinema but we get spruced up and go for dinner. We buy in scrummy things for breakfast in bed and make the most of our time together. If you're going to leave them make it for a good reason, something that you've missed doing. Good Luck.
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