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Aptamil and poos!


On Thursday night, I changed my lo from SMA Gold to Aptamil (due to him getting tummy ache on SMA and reading all the posts on here about problems with it). You all very kindly said to watch out for changes in his nappies - very true!!!!

He now poos about 6 times a day again, just like the ones he did when I breastfed him. Does this settle down after being on the new formula for a while, or will it stay like this now?

Floopy & Ethan

p.s. he seems much happier on the Aptamil


  • Hi Floopy & Ethan!
    I did exactly the same as you for pretty much the same reasons with Dylan!
    His poo's went from being really solid to really NOT solid! And he goes more frequently than before, about 2-3 times a day (sorry if your enjoying your sunday roast)! This hasn't changed since he went on Aptamil, but i understand that this is usual coz of the ingredients & probiotics etc! I now just have to ensure i change his nappy as soon as i know he's been coz they are usually very full!!!
    If you are concernced you could ring the Aptamil helpline - not done it myself, but am told they can be quite helpful!
    Sarah xx
  • Hi, I changed my lo's milk from SMA White to Cow and Gate hungry baby. I know its not aptamil but C&G has similar prebiotics and made by the same company. His poo was really solid on SMA and now it is so runny & sloppy! Going thru loads of wipes!
  • Okey doke. Thanks for your replies. Looks like it's back to using millions of nappies again then - worth it though as he does seem a lot better on the Aptamil than he was on SMA.

    Floopy & Ethan
  • I had the same with aptimil hun but it does settle down after a while dont friend had the same too!
  • Lily has always poo'd for england on Aptimil. I try to think of it as a good sign because its similar to breast milk (well as similar as formula can get at the moment).
    Lily's is finally starting to look like proper poo now but she is on solids and follow on milk.
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