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Sticky poos! Maybe TMI

Max is 9 months old and has been having these poos that are quite dry and stick his nappy to his bum, and his bum is quite sore - worse than its ever been, he's got an actual rash.

Has anyone else's lo had this? Or know whats causing it??



  • Gabe had this when he was newborn. I think he used to poo in his sleep! He slept at least 4 hours at a time at night since birth and when he woke for a feed, he would have pooed and it'd be all stuck to his bum and dried on, when it had been fine before he went to sleep.

    Could it be something your lo ate? Maybe try getting him to drink more fluids.

    Put loads of cream on his bum at each change, cos then if he does poo like that again, it will wipe off a bit easier & hopefully make him less sore. Metanium's supposed to be good for nappy rash too xxx
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