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advise please!

Today Caitlin (10 weeks) is just is not herself been screaming all day, wont take the breast or even a bottle, she just screams. Tried winding her for an hour, nappy is fine wet and dirty, undressed her as she was a little hot, cuddles, dummy teething powder any suggestions please!!!

Ray my oh has taken her for a walk to see if that calms her, she has only slept an hour today and seems to be strugglin to swallow any milk she takes

Its not her normal cry btw i have given her infacol also I just dont know what to do im tired and running out of ideas, its really upseting not being able to comfort her xx



  • Hi hon - it's awful isn't it cos they can't tell you what's the matter?

    Reiss had a day like this last week and nothing I did make any difference. In the end I gave him some Calpol which did settle him. He slept the usual that night and woke up the next day fine, so still not got any idea what was wrong with him!

    Try giving her some Calpol as it might just take the edge off whatever is upsetting her.

  • Hi hun, so sorry to hear things arn't good. Have you taken Caitlins temp? If it is a little high could you give her some calpol. I found Mason was like this and had a lil' temp. After 30 mins of given him calpol he setttled down and had a good nights sleep.

    Katie and mason.x x x
  • Sounds like you've done all you can. It might be a cold and so she's finding it hard to eat - is she dehydrated? You gently pinch their skin and if it is slow to bounce back then she is. If not, she could just be in a mood - sometimes we do too much to comfort them and they just get over stimulated. ;\)

    I remember at least one occasion when I'd done everything to calm Brooke but then just put her in the cot and turned away, within a few minutes she was asleep. I was beside myself that I couldn't comfort her but in the end she didn't need it she just needed quiet! :\(

    Don't be sad though, it happens to us all at some point or another!

    If you're really worried then I'd take her to the nearest outpatients type place you have - or ring nhs direct - they're really helpful!

    Hope you get her settled soon!
  • thanks so much girls, knew i could count on you

    She has finally taken a little feed, bless her i think it could be a cold she has caught from her daddy, given her a tiny amount of calpol and hopefully she will settled

    Her daddy is giving her a cuddle at the minute and she looks sleepy so know whos, thanks again i felt like a bit of a failure xxx


  • If she's struggling to swallow, she could have a sore throat due to the cold her daddy has... My Lo got tonsilitis when she was only a few weeks old and I used to give her some teething gel about 5 mins before a feed. It used to numb her throat enough for her to swallow with less pain. Good luck XXX
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