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Rochelle Kyla' s Birth Story ( might not give confidence! )

Well I thought id put it all down in writing my birth story of Rochelle.

On Tues night I was dropped off at the hospital by Martin and my son Carrick to stay the night and be induced the nxt morning at 6am. I had a room to myself and by 12ish managed to get to sleep only to wake at 2am with what i thought could be contractions (i just felt like i needed the loo but didn't) . I couldn't really get back to sleep and couldn't decide if anything was happening or not.
At 6am they put me on the monior and checked me to see if I could get induced but I was already 3 / 4cms dilated so I was going up to labour ward instead!
I thought it might happen really quickly and my partner couldn't get there till 9am it was 7am!
Once i got up to labour ward at 8.30 i knew i was having contractions and was put on the monitor again they were going to break my waters then I could go in th pool. But when I was having contractions the babys heart rate was going down so I ended up having to stay on the monitor for the whole labour which was really uncomfortable and it meant I had to stay on the bed.
I used the tens machine for the pain from 10ish and the doctor checked me at about 12ish - she said I was only 7cm and I thought I was ready to push! So I was like no more I can't do it give me drugs!
But by the time they got me the drugs I'd started to push - 10mins later the baby was born. The cord was tight around her neck and they had to pull it free while i finished delivering her!
The pethidine kicked in about 30 mins later! And the doc came back to see how i was progressing about 2 mins after baby was born i think she got it wrong about 7cms!

Anyway not the perfect birth but absolutly worth every minute of discomfort even if i did react badly to the pethidine all afternoon (dizzy and kept throwing up ) when i didn't really use / need it!

Rochelle Kyla was born at 12.45pm weighing 8lbs 3oz ( 12 days late) measured 55cms. Shes got a full head of hair and is adorable.
We stayed in the hospital overnight and came home yesterday we are all having some quality family time befrore we get loads of visitors - our wee boy is so cute with her he gives her the biggest smiles but is a bit scared of her!

Good luck to everyone still waiting for theirs I hope I've not scared anyone!


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