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How do your toddlers sleep?

I am really low at the moment due to the fact that i have a daughter 3 next month that still wakes in the night. I have tried controlled crying for two years, also super nanny technique (take straight back to bed) and and let her cry it out. However, she still wakes twice in the evening and once or twice in the night. She does not cry unless i do not go to her and as soon as i take her back to bed (without talking to her) she settles straight away. But it does not stop her from waking again. SHe is a very light sleeper and wakes at every little noise. She goes to bed awake, she always goes to sleep on her, never gets anything from me ( no cuddles, kisses or chat). I do not know why she still wakes when there is no benefit to her other than habit. But nothing i do breaks the habit.
What would you all do? I haave another baby due in march and although she settles immediatley it means me waking up atleast once/ twice with my lo and then my newborn also. Ive had enough now. any advice??


  • oh babe what a strain and it sounds like you really have tried everything . the only other thing i would say is" white noise"(like the crackly of the radio slightly off channel played quietly) because she is a light sleeper sometimes if she has white noise in her room she might notice the bigger noises thus not wake so much .... worth a try
    fea x
  • Poor you, I am also a mummy to a terrible sleeper, sometimes it can be 10 times that he wakes in a night (well thats when I am counting) At 19 months he is worse than any newborn that I have met, and its a killer especially as I am working 5 days a week. Sometimes I get so down because I am so tired. He has never once slept through the night and now when he wakes up is saying in (my bed) or more bot bot. Controlled crying didnt work for us either, and I am worried that he is set up for life as a bad sleeper - just like me. The only things that I can think of are getting a small fish tank in her room - this aparantly worked wonders for both my niece and my friends little girls who were 3 and 4 when their mums tried it, or maybe taking her to the doctors to see if there are any medical reasons that she is waking like are her tonsils or adenoids are enlarged and causing her to be thirsty or uncomfortable. The only thing that keeps me sane and going all week is that his dad gets up and takes him out on a saturday morning so i can have a lie in and a bit of time to myself! Hope things work out for you xx
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