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Coughing makes we want to be sick ahh!

Has anyone else experienced this, i am 29wks pregnant with twins, i did suffer a lot earlier on with sickness, that has now passed, but i've noticed that if i cough i want to throw up, my mouth starts salivatiing and i get that feeling in my tummy that i want to be sick, i literally have to hold it down otherwise i'd have to run to the loo every time, the feeling usually passes after a minute or two but is horrible. It doesnt help my daughter has come home from school with a cold and cough and passed it to me now i keep on coughing, and have a dry throat.

Oh the joys of pregnancy, i keep on telling myself just get thru the next few wks and then thats it no more pregnancys ever again or throwing up.



  • Thats strange Jbean! I also used to find cleaning my teeth and the toothpaste made me feel really sick as well!! Still managed to cllean them somehow but that feeling is awful LOL!! So pleased I'm not the only one who had it!!

    Luckily that all went by 12 weeks!!

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