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Excuses - HELP!

Ok, I'm going to an old school sleep-over/ hen party at the weekend. There will be alcohol. Plenty of alcohol.

What on earth can I say to get out of drinking any? I can't get out of going, nor do I want to. I'm not ready to tell people that I'm preggers yet (except the millions of you on here of course) as I desparately want to tell my parents first, and if I tell friends first it would kind of be like second hand news, if you know what I mean.

So, there's the - I'm on a detox excuse - which wouldn't go down well at a hen do, nor do I ever drink enough to make that believable,

then there's the - I'm on antibiotics excuse - but antibiotics for what???

I need your help ladies - what did you all say?

Thanks in advance,

Maymum x


  • Ear infection!! It has no visible symptoms and can explain if you get any sickness too!
  • haha, what a predicament eh? lol
    u cld say its anti biotics for a urine infection, definately don't say chest infection tho otherwise u'll have to fake a cough te whole time lol. or the other ting cld say is u've put ur back out a bit and ur now on quite strong painkillers, meaning no drinkingn that wld also explain away that u'll probably be extra cautious of ppl bumping into etc

    hope u enjoy the hen party

  • Antibiotics for a chest infection or urine infection? If you drink any alcohol on antibiotics you feel terrible!! I've been there!!

    You could always go for the 'on the diet' route......but I wouldnt be too suprised if someone said sure you're not pregnant?

    How far along are you? Do your friends know that you are TTC?


    Good Luck!

  • I recently said I had an upset stomach (I did - I had morning/noon/night sickness) and wasn't drinking. It does help that without blusher I look like death....

    But I warn you, people still asked if I was pregnant. I know lying is wrong, but I just don't want to tell people until after 12 weeks.

    Good luck!
  • yeah any kind of infection really. or urine. and just say that the alcohol will aggravate your bladder even more as its a diuretic and you would rather just avoid it altogether.

    kate 34+5
  • Hello darling!

    I tell you what you can do...take non-alcoholic beer. Becks (cobra also do one) do a really nice one...the packaging is no different and it only says it in small writing! It even gives you a little buzz because of the bubbles in it! Buy a cheapo bottle of lambrini or something and give the drink to someone else and fill up the empty bottle with asda non-alcoholic wine! Its quite nice, they also do a champagne! (its not bad when you can't drink) the other tip i was given as i do LOVE a bottle...sorry i mean glass of wine (lol) is cranberry juice, fizzy water and a squeeze of lemon...tastes a little like wine and is DELISH!!! and actually very good for you! don't know how you could disguise it but worth making a stash!

    I go to spain quite allot and they do all types of non-alcoholic stuff...even in the pubs...I'm not going till December otherwise i would have picked you up some bits...the do mixers and everything!

    Hope this helps sugar, sure you will have a good time anyway! x x x

    We will make up for it when the babies are born! lol
  • Thanks ladies,

    There are some good ideas there - especially the non-alcoholic drink ones. Might get them mixed up though, as I think there's gonna be a communal stash. I'll work on it.

    I guess it's gonna be a urinary infection - how embarrasing!

    Garfield - my friends don't know yet - hence the subterfuge! I'm so prepared for someone to say 'are you pregnant?' and I'm sooo bad at lying I'll just go bright red and squirm! I'm 6+2 - so definately not gonna risk even a small glass.

    I'm hoping they'll all get so drunk they won't notice me!

    Thanks for the non-alcoholic tip Tracey - how you doin' (said in true Joey from Friends stylie!)? ;\)

    Oh, and keep the ideas coming girls!

    Maymum, x
  • antibiotics for a water infection, alcohol would make it worse, dnt no about the ear infection because you girls will be partying something rotten so may not wash with your girls

    ~*'-'*~ Millions n Billions of PMA ~*'-'*~
    ~*'-'*~ BabyDust n Sparkles~*'-'*~
    ~*'-'*~????? Fingers crossed~*'-'*~

  • I would just drink lemonade or coke and tell people it has a spirit in it. No one would ever know. Once everyone else has had a few drinks i bet they wouldnt even think about it.
  • I would just drink lemonade or coke and tell people it has a spirit in it. No one would ever know. Once everyone else has had a few drinks i bet they wouldnt even think about it.
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