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Is this a show?

I know I should not be excited but I have had no labour symptoms at all. Had a failed sweep on Monday and had one yesterday which did not seem to work. I have just been to the toilet and after a wipe (tmi) I had some brown streaks down there. This has made me so excited! Is this a show? I will take anything as hope things are getting going. I was going to have a bath but I dont want to stop it in anyway. Any advice, is this anything? Is this just because I had the sweep yesterday? AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so many questions. I have no pains but my bump is very hard sometimes. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh come on!!!!

Kat 40+10


  • It sounds like it might be something, i really hope it is i'll keep my gingers crossed. xxx

  • Hey hun, i have no advice for you (as you know i've had nada!) But just wanted to say i really hope this is the start of things for you! Tis exciting!
  • hi. this sounds like it could be a show. oohh good luck to you. hope things get going for you soon. xx
  • this is my first so i cant advise on experience lol but id guess it was ! usually you hear about mucus as well tmi but u never know, its about time it started for you!:lol: id be too scared to get my hopes up in case it was just a bit of bleeding from the sweep but sounds quite promising !
    good luckimage


  • Had some jelly with brown in (only small bits), could still be some blood from the sweep and still not trying to get excited but will take anything. Still no pains, backache etc.

    COME ON BABY!!!!
  • I've had same as you. A bit of a show but not much. Mind you I'm not sure how much I was expecting. Leaking a bit of fluid now so fingers crossed baby is on it's way. Hope you're starts making a move too. 41wks now !! S x
  • ooo how fab a leakage, I wish I had one. I might take the dog for a long walk. When I went for the sweep the mw said she could stretch me 1-2cm, which is positive. When did you notice the mini show?

  • I hope it is for you hun, go take dog for super long walk an splash in some puddles that should help image

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