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thrush AGAIN!

i have just been told after exam weekend i have thrush again, and gp gave me perscription for pessary. this is the 2nd time and 2nd pessary in just under 2 mths! what the heck am i doing wrong. never had this before.


  • I've never had thrush before in my life, never had it with my previous pregnancy but have had it twice since being pregnant this time round. Its nothing that you do wrong (although it does feel like it doesn't it?). It'll get better in a day or two and fingers crossed this will be the last time.


  • Hi, i was at doc today, i have thrush too and a uti image Not good eh? Its soo uncomfy. I woke up through night for a pee and when i came back, down below was throbbing like mad and really itchy inside (tmi i know! lol), glad i got a doc appmnt today and ive got cream and antibiotics. I thought they would give me a pessary as im sure theyre more effective than cream, but ill give it a try and hope it clears up in a few days x
    Sharon x

  • i have cream from last time and a pessary to use.
  • Does the pessary help you more than cream? Im still in bed an hot water bottle is burning me lol.
    Sharon x

  • yes the cream will help with external itching and the pessary will clear up the candida infection. i used it last time and it did work within a day or so. i find natural youghurt helped applied to fingers and gently inserted as has good bacteri and cooling properties,also a cool flannel!

    mrs johnstone you are due round same time as me arent you? im due 24th jan.

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  • Yeah im due 28th Jan. How u keepin? bump getting big?
    Sharon x

  • thought so... yeah im quite a size now.. well my bump is.
    im ok, placenta low lying so need scan in dec to check it:\?
  • Aw really? whats the signs of that? Has your pregnancy gone in quick? Mines has flew in so far, but had my wedding and honeymoon few months ago, so ive had other things to do lol.
    U added ur pic to the face post lol?
    Sharon x

  • you dont always have signs of low lying placenta, some people have a light bleed. i have to have scan to make sure its not covering cervix or near it,as this would make natural delivery difficult to impossible. so if its moved up which most of cases it does, great if not they check again at 26 and then it would be c-sec if no change after 37-38 wks
  • Hi girls ive had it twice too and its caused by the ph balance highering in pregnancy nothing we are doing wrong its most annoying though isnt it i must agree!
  • it is annoying .i mainly dislike it cos i dont want to keep using pessarys all the time!
  • Hay ladies,
    Does anyone know if you can use the canesten pessarys during pregnancy, as my doc would only prescribe the low strength cream and Ive had this bout of Thrush for over a week now!!!!!!!

    I totally agree that its horrible!!!!

    Naomi xx
  • i used the canestan one from my gp the other night, gp gave so must be ok.
  • Thank you mrskc!
    Im off to the chemist!! lol

    Naomi xx
  • no probs.:\)
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