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got a young baby and pregnant? I have a six month old and am now pregnant with 2nd (planned) and was wondering if anyone else has chosen to go down the small age gap route?
Got a mother who drives them mad. The silly cow just critisizes me at every oppertunity, especially when it comes to parenting. I have given her one last chance and if she blows it... GRRRRRRRR! (I thought it was meant to be the inlaws that do your nut in lol)
hannah xxx


  • hi i got a 7 month old and just descovered im pregnant dont know how far or anything yet as im still in shock lol buy yes wanted a small age gap must be mad as my lo dont sleep now lol
  • My sisters two are 2yrs apart, pretty much exactly 2yrs!

    My neighbour has two kids as well, they are 17 months apart.

    I know its not a great different between both sets of kids, but the differences are noticeable! My sisters older girl was a bit more demanding of attention when her brother arrived... my neighbours little boy (the older one) was not like that at all.

    That's not much help I know! We're gonna try and go for a shorter gap if we possibly can!

  • Hi yeah my little girl will be 1 next thurs and im due 17th march we wanted a pretty small age gap dont think i'd want it any closer though as im sure Lexie will be walking by the time baby arrives so a perfect age fingers crossed it will be a 17 month age mum was telling me i didnt want or need to have another before i told her i was having number 2 i think its a mum thing.
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