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how do u measure your bump?

am just curious as have been reading some posts from other forums and have noticed that some ladies have been having their bumps measured?
i havent seen a MW since i was 19 weeks when i had my final scan.
i was trying to find it out on the web and read somewhere that you should measure in cm the same amount of weeks you are? is this right?
i tried this with a tape measure all the way around me and if thats right then i am 103 weeks pregnant!!!!
can anyone help me as just curious to see if bump is growing ok


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  • i think if my memory serves me correctly you measure from the top of your bump under your boobs down to just underneath it? i could be wrong was a long time ago!! xx
  • [email protected] not all the way round from under your bbs to your pubic bone babe should measure to just about same give or take acm or 2 perhaps hun:lol:

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  • OMG what a wally i am!!!!! cant you tell i am a complete novice at this pregnancy malark!!! ha ha ha god no wonder i was thinking jesus is that an elephant in there!!!!! thanks girls!! xxxxx
  • well the mw does it whilst your laid down, so laid down? lol
  • Yup laid down and maybe you need to get your dh to do it for you maybe measurements will be more accurate then.
    My mw did say i ws measuring 24cm for 23weeks so the extra cm was me meaning fat i think!lol.:lol:
  • you don't do it from the top of your bump - you need to find the top of your uterus and measure from there down the just above your pubic bone. My bump is right under my boobs, but the top of my uterus is about 1/2 way between my belly button and my boobs.

    blb 25+5
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