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Need advice- Steriliser and bottlewarmer??

Hi Girls

Hoping you can help me, what steriliser and bottlewarmer did you buy? They are the next thing on my list to buy but im totally clueless. Ive heard of microwave ones, are they good?
Any advice/info would be fab!
Sharon x


  • Hi Sharon

    I bought the Avent electrical steriliser, because it seemed good value for money, and also the Avent IQ bottlewarmer, it is really good because it calculates the temp of what the bottle should be (if bottles been in fridge it warms it for longer or if its baby food it calculates the correct temp) and i thing the steriliser was ??27 and bottlewalmer ??29. I hope this helps, although i have heard that the microwave sterilisers are also good!

    Love Steph 37+6 xx
  • Ive also got the Avent steriliser, however I am not buying a bottle warmer. The say you dont have to warm the bottles up any more and its ok to give at room temp. My friend doesnt heat bottles up and its sooo much easier when out and about xxxx
  • i had the tesco microwave sterilliser last time and thought it was very good.
    this time i have bought the tommy tipiee microwave sterilliser i didnt bother with a bottle warmer i just used a just of hot water to warm the bottle up last time and will be doing the same again!!

    amie 27 + 5
  • for the bottle warmer i just went with boots own, as with my other two i had already tried both and it made no difrence and the boots one is cheaper.

    for my Steriliser i got the Philips Avent Express II Microwave Steam Steriliser as i will be using the Avent Bottles.

    i had a difrent make the last two times but it was a microwave one and i think they are just great which is while im sticking with a microwave one, the fast that they are done in just 2 mins with out the need for tablets or anything else is also really good when you need them done fast x
  • I wouldnt bother with a bottle warmer, if you're bottle feeding from the start just use room temperature (cooled boiled) water - if thats what baby is used to from the start then she wont complain. Its much easier for when you are out. As for sterilisers, i bought an electric one which broke after one week. I was histerical as my hormones were all over the place and i thought it was the end of the world. Slight over-reaction. Anyway, i then bought a Philips Avent Express II Microwave Steam Steriliser which is absolutly brilliant and doesnt take up nearly as much space as the electric one.
  • I agree, don't bother with a bottle warmer I personally dont see the point if you have a microwave (just make sure you shake it to get rid of any hot spots and check the temp on the back of your hand - this is the reason they tell you not to use a microwave). Also the microwave is a billion times quicker than a warmer.
    On the other hand not warmig it at all (unless it has been refridgerated) could be a good idea as You are obviously planning to bottle feed from the start so if all your baby knows is room temp then that wil be fab and also save precious seconds when you wee one is screaming with hunger lol. Also makes life easier when you are out and about as you won't have to worry about warming - on that note I recommend buying a milk powder dispenser for when you are out and about so you can keep the water and powder seperate and not worry about chilling the milk or it going off.
    I use the Avent microwave sterileiser and it takes 4 minutes but can take as little as 2 minutes depending on your microwave!
  • Hay Sharon

    Ive got an Avent steam electric stereliser that I had with my son and its fab!! Its so easy to use and it keeps the contents steralised for 6 hours. Personally I found a bottle warmer a bit pointless, they take ages to heat bottles, its far easier to use a jug and hot water, also its just another thing you have to try and find room for!!!

    Naomi xx
  • Thanks for ur advice girls, seems the avent ones comes out on top, wheres the best place to get them?
    Sharon x

  • There are quite often deals on avent packs in Babies R Us, when I got mine it was a stereliser, breast pump, bottles, trainer cups and bottle brushes in a set and it was a bargain!
    Naomi xx
  • i got mine from boots as i was ordering a load of stuff from there at the time, so ment only one postage cost. pluss at the time there was a points offer on if you spent so much. pluss at the time there was also extra points on the avent stuff x
  • hi sharon i had an avent stem steriliser too its fab works in 8 minutes , if u really do want a bottle warmer (i found room temp in winter was a bit too cold )try and pick one up from a nct nearly new sale or something similer if there is anything by u i got my avent one for ??5 and will use it again this time (if i cant breastfeed for long like with jack )just in the cold nights x x x
  • Hey
    No im not breastfeeding, bottle feeding from start.
    I didnt know that they can have cold bottles, well room temp.

    Sharon x

  • i used avent bottles, never leaked with me and you can buy all sorts of teats nowadays.
    i have a cold water steriliser that you can put in the microwave if you wanted to as well.
    I bought the cheapest as to be honest i begrudge paying about ??60-80 for a steriliser.
    i warmed bottles with good old fashioned jug and hot water, because i was bf and he wouldnt take expressed milk unless it was warm. restaurants are usually happy to give you hot water to heat bottles as well when out and about so i figure why waste money? when i could be spending it on clothes etc
    Filo x
  • I am sure i seen the Avent steriliser on offer in asda the other day, i think it was like ??25, but cosco do it really cheap too!

    Steph 38+0 x
  • if you were to just use boiling water and a jug how long would you leave it to warm through???

    Also (im new to this) I have read before of people saying it is easier to make the wholes days bottles up in the morning but I read on some of your posts that the bottles only stay steril for so long?? any advise welcome.

    Neither wonder i'm already stressed at 15 weeks there is just so much to learn !!

  • i have the advent bottle warmer and streiliser havent used it yet was going to test it this week to just get used to it but it all seems easy enough to use

  • Hi, I have brought the tommee Tippee closer to nature microwave/cold water steriliser and the bottles. I'm going to be using the cold water method as it keeps all the bottles, dummies and feeding equipment sterilised for 24 hours no matter how many times you open the sterilser. You just have to pop in one milton tablet and the feeding bits and bobs are ready to use in 15 minutes. I just thought this would be better because of the way you have to make up feeds now, its all changed since i had my last baby 5 years ago.

    I never bothered with a bottle warmer with my last 2 babies, as i got one for my first and its quicker to use a jug and hot water.

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