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How much movement with anterior placenta?

I'm just coming up for 22 weeks and on a couple of occasions think I've felt a pop that must be the baby moving but that's it.... At my 20 week scan everything was fine and the sonographer told me I have anterior placenta which may be dulling some of the movement I feel from the baby... Just wanted to ask if anyone else has this and when you really started to feel the baby move?


  • I've got an anterior placenta and wasn't even told!! It was only when I enquired about my lack of kicks when I was around 24 wks that they checked my notes and there it was :roll:

    Like you I had one or two moments where I felt something, but couldnt be felt by touch.... I wasn't able to share my kicks with my hubby till around 26 wks. I'm 36+3 now and the baby is kicking constantly :\)

  • hi,

    i was told at my 21 weeks scan i had an anterior placenta, I've been feeling lo move about from about 18 wks (i'm 23 wks tomorrow) first it was just bubbling feelings, and now i'm feeling bigger movements and oh felt him move thursday just gone- he said it felt like my belly was spazzing out!!!.

    LO movements are still very random though but are getting stronger by the day.

  • Thanks ladies... it's good to know that it's not unusual for me not to have felt too much by this stage! I'd just feel a lot happier if I could feel the baby move properly!!!!
  • Hi

    I was told at my 20 week scan on 11 August 2008 that my placenta was anterior but my lemon moves around all the time. She kicks me all day and night and takes great pleasure in jumping up and down on my bladder!
    I guess every one is different.


    How far are you now though? And have you always felt kicks?
    Also explained why it's difficult for anyone to palpate my abdomen because my bump is nearly always rock hard and listening for the heartbeat can sometimes be difficult and takes a few minutes, again apparently this is the placenta
  • I have an anterior placenta. I began feeling indistinct movement at around 16 weeks but I couldn't say that it was the baby for definite until about 20 weeks - and then I could only feel slight vibrations down low, never in the belly button area (where the placenta must be).

    By 24 weeks I could count the movements but they were still more vibrations than wriggles or kicks. By 28 weeks there was no mistaking the wriggles and kicks, even behind the placenta.

  • I have an anterior placenta and not sure if Im feeling kicks on the outside when my belly twinges all of a sudden. When I go to put my hand there, no more happen, as it is so random. Its either kicks or wind lol.:lol:
  • Hi I had an anterior placenta with Theo, now 7 weeks old. I felt the fluttering movements quite early on as he's my second but didnt feel many proper kicks until 23-24 weeks and even then they were far and few between. I didnt feel really regular, strong movement until 26 weeks.
  • I read on my scan notes that I have a anterior placenta. Up till my 20 week scan I didnt feel baby move. I felt it for the first time at my first 20 week scan. I had a second scan a week later cause baby was lying funny and it kicked the scan lady. It was really funny! I can see my belly moving with the kicks now at 22+1 and seems to respond to music (must take after mummy and daddy!) .... I didnt even know what a anterior placenta meant till I read it on here. Im sure one day you will get a big kick. I found it really hard to tell what was baby at first so maybe you are feeling it but your not recognising it yet. image

    You must have a very close due date to me. Im due on Valentines Day image
  • me too, anterior placenta.
    Felt baby butterflies at 14 weeks (2nd baby)then not a lot else really. 20 weeks placenta still anterior(it can move) and started to feel more, now at 31 weeks it makes my whole front bits wobble, hehe incl bb'
    Just means you may to wait a little longer for those really big thumps
    Filo x
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