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Who's is your favourite avatar??

Just wondered what everyone thinks of each other's avatars? I think some are really memorable and I sometimes remember them more than people's names!!

My faves are: Filo and her little cat, K-Lou with her lovely wedding pic, Akaladyk with her little creature (lol you have to see to understand!!) Also i remember Hilary once had a beautiful one of her girls which I always remember....

Love and dust xx


  • aw thanks ladydonut i like my avatar too its a bit cheeky i think because its winking too.
    i like sbs pom pom lady and also akaladyk's little creature too.Although your looks pretty yummy. mmm donuts!!!
    Filo x
  • :lol: yum yum!

    Ooooh i forgot about SB's little pom poms!!

  • I love your cat filo (have a cat myself and love her to bits!!!) and i also like sb's pom pom person!!!! image

    Suzi 20+5 xxx
  • SB's cheerleaders stand out the most to me. lol
    Sharon x

  • You know I love yours ladydonut!!!

    I also love one of the ladies who's having triplets - you can see 3 sacs and beans - its just amazing.

    Has probably been changed now tho as I remember it from months ago!

  • hi, i too like filo's kitten, reminds me of my kids, laughing uncontrollably, cos its on youtube and it sings a really cute song. also sbs pom pom lady is memorable and i cnt remebe her name lol think its pinktoothbrush with the little stick man/lady stikcing its tongue out, like that one, also yours is quite memorable, i too love donuts mmmm
  • Oh yes i remember the triplets lady, was she called Suzie?

    Joo i love your scan pic and i loved you teddy image

  • Ah cheers Lady D, thought I would post so everyone can see my naghappi hehe.

    Ummmm cookiemonster for obvious reasons. Flush used to have a cool coffee cup................Goonie and her baby grow............Hjeana because it makes me laugh that it is raining and they are sat on a bench with big smile.......Little Toad as she is so pretty.........LAINEY because of her jumbo bump.........
  • I miss my teddy - little Henry Bean Bear.
    Think I might change him back, I have my scan pic on my mobile and always in my handbag.
    Henry Bean Bear is also being relieved of cuddles duty at night - we want to keep him in pristine condition to put in Angus's nursery - he's getting too many cuddles and squishes in our bed!

  • I'm gonna be awkward coz I like all of em :lol::lol::lol:image
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