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Back-handed compliments...

I thought I might not be the only person to have been given a back-handed compliment since getting up the duff, and thought we might like to share. My fave from DH last night:

Flush: I'm so tired. And I look awful
DH: You look pretty! So pretty I could kiss you.
Flush: Oh thank you, that's so sweet!
DH: I mean, especially compared to dinner time. You looked awful then. But now your face isn't pale green you look so pretty by comparison.
Flush: Hmmmm.....

Anyone else experiencing something similar?


  • hahaha oh dear.
    no i just get the teasing, dh tells lo mummys not got a baby in there she just ate all the pies! Filo x

  • lol... typical man!!!

    well i've been dying to get a baby bump since finding out i was pg. so a few weeks ago i was like

    "Rob look at my belly can u tell i'm up the duff now?" his lovely reply "yes u are filling out"

    my sil was like you cant say that- your meant to say she's blooming!!!

    it did make me laugh though

  • Those both made me laugh! I asked OH if I had a bump the other day to which he replied "I'd love it if my stomach was that flat. Especially if I ate as many After Eights as you".

  • Haha, my hubby is full of compliments like... 'You look like a car crash when you wake up in morning'!!
    Another one is 'How's my wee pregnant hippo?' LOL
    Sharon x

  • I think we should punish them when we go into labour... that'll teach 'em!!!

    I'm planning my revenge now....mwahahaha
  • "Hippo"? I've never heard the like!
  • My hubby just says "Joo you looked so knackered" all the time!
    Well I am really!

    Also, I have, ahem, two tummies (you know what I mean!!!) and he keeps pretending the 'top' tummy is where Angus is, 'cos its slightly bigger than the 'lower' tummy!!!

    He's generally ok though!

    I feel so mean most of the time - I get home from work and flop on the sofa and just nap! Then when he gets home, he wants dinner, and although he never says I 'should' - I always feel like I should start dinner. I can't be arsed. Cooking smells, ick. Raw meat, ick. Food in general, ick!

    So I forgive him for the odd comment 'cos he's being a superstar Daddy to be all of the time.

    Joo xxx
  • My fave comments from my lovely dh are:

    "If you reverse you'll start to beep"

    "You're supposed to look like a whale, you're pregnant!"

    Isn't he just the most loving person ever :lol:

  • not really - besides looking 2 months more pregnant than i am he doesnt seem to realise I'm pregnant.....

    Am so tired all the time at the moment, and am massive with baby bump :\( but he still seems to expect dinner and tea ready when he gets home - this morning i told him i didnt mind doing that, but i was tired most of the time and that i dint need to find the dishes by the sink the morning after, especially when we have a dishwasher (he tried to make it backfire with well yours are there too, to which ireplied whats the point in me putting everything in the dishwasher for you......?)

    I was in a shop the other day, and the assistant, probaly trying to be nice (I hope) said you musnt have long left to go now.....
    I'm only just 4 months pregnant!!
    I do look horrendously huge though. And its all baby because I'm losing weight... (got a massive, worrying surprise last night when i weighed in at a stone less than when i got preg, and i've not had much sickness, just struggling to eat...)

    If i say I feel like sh!t, he will reply well you dont look much better yet either

    Oh, and I'm not allowed to lie on 'his' couch until I'm too fat for the chair.... :\? I guess that in a way is a compliment as hes saying i'm not fat.....?

  • I ask my husband if I look blooming yet (which I really don't because of the 14 weeks and counting of hyperemesis!), he looks at me carefully and replies 'Yes, blooming awful'.

    Bless him, he actually thinks thats a nice thing to say!

  • i have 10 weeks left and my other half has been calling me chris waddle (some footballer i think)apparently i waddle so much its like a boat tipping!

    my lovely younger sister said to me when i was 20weeks 'you just look really bloated,like you have eaten to many pies!'

    then last week 'oh my your huge!'

    mother in law said to me the other night 'goodnight fatty'

    Allso oh said the other day 'oh your huge,you look funny from the back your all slim and you dont look pregnant then you turn round and woooo,your huge!':lol:

    have to admit i havent got upset about it,i think its quite funny.though i dont know if anyone else has noticed but when people talk to me they stare at my bump,i feel like waving and saying 'hellloooo im up here':\)

  • haha what a laugh :lol:
    my partner likes to say 'your such a beautiful mamouth'
    mamouth i aint that bloody big am i ? imageimage
    dont worry though ladies im planning my revenge image
  • my mum broke my dads thumb when she was in labour with my older sister..:lol:
  • When I get in from work every day my dh says to me "so how's my little space hopper?" He thinks it's very funny.
  • I think there are a few ladies who'll be merciless if their husband ever develop a beer gut......!
  • lol SB, weebles wobble but they don't fall down lol, i can't believe he calls u that haha!

    my OH hasn't given me any untoward comments yet.... we shall see i'm sure they'll start coming thick and fast once i have a good sized bump

    actually i've just remembered when i was 12+5 the gp cldn't find peanut's heartbeat with his doppler, and OH said maybe that was due to my extra padding! hehe to which my gp replied "look who's talking" lmao i was "thx mr doctor" haha completely backfired on OH as he is of the cuddly variety too hehe

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  • My hubby always says i look fine - HOWEVER this is not because i actually look 'fine' its just so that if he admits i look like a dogs dinner he may have to admit i need more help around the house the lazy git!!!

    Also i am sick of the comments from friends "oh - you're looking really well......dont put on too much weight though, you'll regret it blah blah blah"! Its making me feel shit! Im nearly 20 weeks and can still fit into pre preg jeans ( size 18 admittedly) but that shows i havent put on weight anywhere but belly. Why cant people just be accepting and say "good on ya - why not have a nother sausage sandwich!!". Ive got loadsa time to join slimming world after the birth. Humph. Sorry to lower the jovial tone! lol!! xxx
  • hi em29, i know exactly what u mean, altho i've gained 10 inches round my tummy i've only put on 4.5lb so i'm guessing thats mostly baby....still not good enough for my mum tho, according to her i shldn't have put on anything yet and shld still be in pre preg clothes due to my size before hand(16), i now weigh 2lb more than my older sister and everyone hammers on how well she looks and looking after her figure etc.. she's not pregnant! i am! i don't get how they can say she's doing so well with her wieight when we weigh pretty much the same and i'm pregnant but in her eyes i weigh too much! grr sorry about the rant really gets ur goat tho doesn't it lol
  • It sure does get on my goat! I dont even eat more than most people i know i just am a bigger person. After this baby i will show them.....! Fat fighters here i come! x
  • haha em, " dust anybody? no? anybody? dust?" lol i'll be going to slimming world or the like myself as i'm being a bridesmaid 4 months after i'm due so god knows how thats gonna work for fittings lol!

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