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Do I HAVE to see gp? and am i high risk?

Do you know if I have to see my GP before I can make my booking appointment with the midwife?
I don't see the point in seeing a gp as all they did last time i was pg was book my booking appointment with midwife lol.
On the other hand, I have read that I am 'high risk' as It is only 6 months since I had my son. Has anyone else had a short gap and then been classed as 'high risk'.
Hannah x


  • hi my lo was only 3 and half months when i fell with my second lo i never noticed anything in my notes saying high risk what are you high risk for?? i would call docs up to ask
  • I am only on my 1st but I went straight to the midwife rather than see my GP. She did all the booking in and notifying and it saved me and my GP some time as they can't do much anyway.
    Might be different policies in different areas though.
  • Hi

    I just called the GP's receptiuonist and explained she said to call the midwife so I didn't see my GP at all this time.

    My LO was only 6 months when I fell pregnant again. i am high risk but for other reasons not because of the small gap between them
  • I never bothered with the gp second time round as here they don't even book your midwifes appointment, you do that yourself. I just phoned up and asked for a midwife's appointment and she did all the scan bookings and things.
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