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Clomid Advice Please Ladies

Morning ladies, I'm gate crashing from the ttc forum. I'm just about to start taking clomid I've taken it before but it was that long ago I cant remember a few things.

Yesterday I started bleeding, it was red blood but not very much and only there if I wiped and as I said only a little bit. Today is the same, I've to take the clomid from day 2 to day 6 so would you count oday as day 2? I cant remember


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  • Yeah thats what I was thinking but couldn't really remember, the thing is the only reason I found the blood yesterday was because I was checking my cervix (sorry tmi), do you think that would still count as day 1.

    How many mg are you taking, I'm 100

  • Well I have taken it now I think I'm pretty sure I was told D1 was the first day you seen red blood too.

    Oh we are all going to be clomid buddies woo hoo,I will see you both in the ttc forum

    Good Luck ladies

  • just for abit of pma - i did my first month of clomid along with cbfm and various other potions and rituals! I got my bfp after 13 months.

    Good Luck - thinking of you all heaps sarah x
  • Hi Ladies... good luck with your Clomid experience. Hope u get your BFPs....

    As for the cycle. accroding to my Infertility Doctor.... Cycle Day 1 is the day of full flow. But u may want to check with your Doctor who prescribed Clomid just to make sure.

    Good Luck...
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