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Any new mums in Manchester/Bolton/Farnworth?


I Just hade a baby 7 weeks ago and live in Farnworth/Bolton and i dont know anyone around here..I moved to England just 7 months it would be nice to meet or speak to other new mums around this area..I am from Sweden and moved here with my partner whos is English we have a son called Leon.


  • Hi I have a 9mth old son and just moved to Radcliffe. It's not too far from bolton/farnworth I don't think.
  • Hi, i live in Bolton....had 1st baby - Neva Rose 7 weeks ago today. Have you been to any of the parent groups yet? I havent made it there as each time i try somehting happens....Neva throws up / crying / someone calls round. But i went to one today and found out i had missed hand and feet prints and baby massage. Im not usually one for going to clubs but it sounded really good today so i am going to go next week for sure.
    Your HV can tell you which is your nearest place or i may know depending on where abouts you live?
    How is everything going?
    Beccx and Neva Rose x
  • Chill out Parent & Baby Group

    Monday 10th October 2011



    Ny Sensability (Sensory Room)

    The Haymarket Centre, Back Market Street, Bury

    Session includes -

    30 minutes of Baby Massage

    Relax with your baby - onsite hand massage / head massage by a qualified therapist

    Relaxation visualisation exercises

    Contact Emma on: 07913708419


    Janet/ Alison on: 0161 637 0069

    Places are limited! Call asap to book your place!
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