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What was this (labour related)

Hi girls

Wondered if any of you who have had babies before could offer a bit of advice...

I'm 7 days overdue now and had a second sweep yesterday (still posteria and thick, but sweep was quite uncomfortable this time around)...there seemed to be more brown spotting when I got home than last time (sorry TMI!!!) which petered off as the night went on. However, in the middle of the night I woke up with really strong constant period pains - I was practically bent double holding my pelvis! I also thought I was leaking waters so phoned hospital who said that I should monitor and if I had any more leakages, it would be the waters. However, after and hour and three braxton hicks which were 3 mins apart, the period pain went away and I don't think I've leaked anything since. So now I don't think it was my waters imageops:

What could this have been - I thought I was going into labour for sure but now everything is back to normal this morning?

Thanks girls x


  • Could it have been your hind waters breaking?? I have a friend who's hind waters broke 3 days before she actually went into labour. Just a suggestion though.
  • hi hun
    i went into labour a week early so i never experienced a sweep. contractions come and go and not constant period pains and trust me you wil know when labour has started! i hope something happens for you soon keep us posted xx
  • if you think your waters have gone go in, i thought mine had gone 3 weeks before i gave birth and the hosp said if i wasnt leaking they hadnt... however it turns out i was an emergancy induction as there was no water left (3 WEEKS LATER!!!) and my baby was very ill afterwards because of this (he is fine now), if you think they have broken insist they do an internal, i was over 1cm dialated for over 3 weeks

    sandie and all better DJ 4 weeks 6 daysXX
  • Thanks ladies for your advice...

    Had no more leakages so am now pretty convinced it wasn't my waters imageops:

    But last night at nearly exactly the same time, I had the very intense pain in my pelvis - it was absolute agony and went on for 20-25 on advice of my own midwife who I spoke to yesterday, I phoned the labour ward and the midwife there said it was very common and the baby's head getting even lower in the pelvis (I'm 2/5 already so pretty low) and ready for labour. Not that poor baby's under any time pressure now but it has until next Wednesday at 4pm (when I'm being induced) :lol:

    I've got everything crossed that things will happen soon x
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