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its official......

...... i'm a heffa. when mw measureed me at 28 weeks i was measuring 29. today at 32 weeks im measuring 34 OMG i'm going to be huge. does being short make a difference to the size of your bump? i'm only 5'1. does this mean im going to have a huge baby?


  • unfortunately us lil un's don't carry nice and neatly, think it's down to our small torsos so everything pops outwards!!!! don't worry too much bout baby being huge, i was size of house by end of my 1st pregnancy and my son only weighed 6lb 13oz, though my other 2 children were quite a bit bigger 8lb 6oz and 8lb1oz. i too am only 5ft 1in but have had no problems giving birth. enjoy ur bump whilst u have it, i missed mine when it went!!! lol!!!
  • hi,

    well they say that 2cm either side is normal and doesn't necessarily indicate too big/small. i am 5'2'' and have measured right the whole way, until a few weeks back. when i started measuring at 2cm extra. the midwife wasn't concerned that baby was heavy, however baby is really long apparently but then my partner is 6'2''. try not to worry too much. in a few weeks the midwife may be able to tell you a rough weight. and you may also find that at your next app its back to right measurement again.

    kate 38+4
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