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A bit of advice please ladies!

Hi all,

Bit of a weird one for you...

This morning I managed to crick my neck, which has been getting worse and worse throughout the day. It has got so bad this afternoon I booked to see the doctor to get some advise about what I can take and if I can use ibuprofen gels etc.

When I saw the doctor he was not sympathetic at all and asked why I was so tense when he tried to move my head....err that would be because I am in agony! He then told me to go home and take some neurofen. I pointed out that I am 14weeks pregnant and had been told by my midwide not to take neurofen, but he basically that was rubbish and I should take an anti inflammatory...! He then handed me a prescription, and told me to take one tablet this evening, and that if the tabket made me feel whoozy tomorrow morning not to go to work...I didn't really look at what was on the prescription until I was out of his office and it said Diazepam?!?!

So basically I was recommended to take 2 neurofen and a diazepam this evening. I was so unsure about this all that when I got home I called NHS direct who have categorically said there is no way I should be taking neurofen or diazepam when pregnant and they were astounded that it had been prescribed for neck pain!!

Obviously I feel really angry about this, in the fact that if I had not checked I could have taken medication that could harm my baby. I don't really like confrontation, and just wondered if you think it is worth calling the doctors surgery, but who would I speak to, or do you think phoning the midwife would be better???

Advice much appreciated!

Clare x


  • Thanks mumandbub,

    Not too worried about the neck pain to be honest, my Dad used to suffer a lot with neck pain like this, so hopefully and relaxing evening with a hot water bottle should do the trick, just wanted some advice from the doctor as to whether there was anything else I should/could be doing to make the pain a bit easier.

    I will phone the surgery tomorrow and speak to the practice manager, just wasn't sure if I was over reacting!!! :\?

    Clare x
  • hi, u definately did the right thing checking. if i was u i wld speak to the practise manager and put in a complaint and also speak to ur mw, she maybe able to do the complaint on ur behalf as u say u don't like confrontation, that is awful he did that, and well done for trusting urself enough to not just follow what this moron has told u

    ps, hope ur neck feels better soon

  • I had a similar experience, posted on dec due forum. I got prescribed wrong antibiotics, not ones that are safe for preg and luckily, I checked it out. Some of these doctors are crazy, man. Defo raise it with surgery or MW as otherwise noone will ever know...eek
  • I have a friend that when pregnant was suffering from bad insomnia and she was also prescribed diazepam as it is a muscle relaxant and aids sleep. Apparently it is ok to use over a short time, however, it seems like the doctor was taking a rather extreme measure when he could have prescribed some paracetamol and a hot water bottle first!
    Also, ibuprofen is safe to use up until 30 weeks of pregnancy but personally, i wont risk it.

    When i had a bladder infection at 12 weeks i was prescribed an antibiotic 'not recommended for use in pregnancy and definately NOT before 12 weeks' ...i was only just 12 weeks pregnant and i didnt take them! Doctors are being too blase and yet when someone is genuinely in pain (i had severe sciatica) i couldnt get a thing for it from the doctor - i was sofa ridden for 3 weeks! cant win!!! xxx
  • Hi All,

    Thank you so much for your replies!! I think I;m going to phone MW tomorrow morning and tell her what has happened and if she agrees that the tablets prescribed and recommended to take are as potentially harmful as NHS direct said and the internet suggests I will call the surgery and make a compaint to the practice manager.

    Will let you know how it all goes!!

    Clare x
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