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I was going to text you when I got out - but realised I don't ave your number anymore.

All went okay - I know you've been through this, but I'm going to have my first bloods tomorrow! Eeek!

x x


  • Morning image

    Well, going for bloods today, and then on day 20 I think (he suggested earlier instead of later as I've had short cycles).

    He gave J the forms and container for his "donation" which we're going to try to time around my next AF so that it's out the way before I OV again.

    Thanks for your support chick image

    Oh, and email me through the button x x
  • image I'm hoping it goes easily enough - though I'm fairly sure (as is the Doc) that I'm OV'ing, so it's just a way to tick it off the list image

    Have a good day x
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